10 Principles for a Better Life and Business

In the principles for Business Marketing, there has been a tremendous amount of growth and expansion both personally and professionally over the past 8 years.

Principles For Business Marketing
Principles For Business Marketing: TOA Marketing Group

One of the biggest lessons I learned was that:

Your business and the success of your business is an extension of you and your own “personal success”

The life you want to live as determined by your own aspirations is rooted in these 10 principles:

1) Your ability to create clear values that are in alignment with the person you want to be and the type of experiences you want to create will determine the quality of life you live.

2) Having a belief system that SERVES the outcomes you want in every area of your life (and eliminating beliefs that hold you back or are detrimental to your objectives) allows you to have less resistance and more positivity in everything you try to accomplish.

3) Creating an internal and external environment that facilitates high performance (to get shit done, make more money, feel better) is critical is ending the “hustle and grind” and allowing you to approach work with ease and flow.

4) Saying NO more than saying YES. Trying to be everything to everyone in order to gain validation, appreciation or acceptance is a sure way for you to take a back seat in your own life. Every time you say yes to something, you say no to something else. Often times that means saying NO to yourself which can have horrific effects on your life.

5) Create calm where there is chaos- If your always feeling like there’s a million things to do and you can barely keep your head above water.

Chances are is the person you are being in these moments that make life feel overwhelming more so than the physical tasks at hand. The more you can relax and chill the fuck out, the easier and fun life is. Meditation, journaling and reflective based work is paramount in keeping you “positive” and not feeling stressed out.

6) EXERCISE IS NON-NEGOTIABLE- Exercise hands down has the greatest effect on your overall well being and mood. If there is one thing you MUST focus on it is exercise (and sleep)

Exercise is a great centralizer/focus point/ pivot tool in which your whole day can be altered for the better.

7) Sleep. For god sakes sleep. Figure out a bedtime routine, stop watching TV and go to bed.

Without proper sleep the night before the the next day in its entirety will be affected by sleep deprivation (the costs of poor quality and quantity of sleep are frightening)

Nutrition. What you eat affects your mood which affects how you look which affects every area of your life. Don’t diet, eat to live a better life.

9) The confidence you have is the result of how much certainty and trust you have in yourself.

Principles For Business Marketing
Principles For Business Marketing: LinkedIn Marketing

The more you know yourself the less you are permeable to the perceptions, judgements and opinions of others. The key is to create more confidence in who you are NOW if you want to change the way you look down the road.

10) The thing is not the thing. Much like working with my clients who think they have a “nutrition problem” (even though they don’t) many of the conditions we perceive are the result from a “thing” upstream, we are simply aware and are observing what we perceive to be the problem, not the actual problem itself. Awareness and openness to possible alternatives are key in order to move past obstacles and challenges.

What all this really comes down to is self- responsibility.

You are the CEO of your own life.

Your life lies in you own hands.

When you allow yourself to exercise this responsibility what you can create is nearly endless and will reward you many, many times over.

There is great temptation to believe that Life gets in the way

Things happen to you

You are a victim of your circumstances

And all this is true should you choose to believe it, because you created it after all.

You bring everything into your own experience.

If you want things to be different in your life, you have to do things a different way.

Don’t be fooled that it has to be hard, or it has to be a struggle (that’s just you telling yourself that to prevent you from doing what you REALLY want to do)

Don’t keep your dreams, dreams.

Make them happen.

I am Ore Afolayan. I think I have spoken.



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