About Us

TOA Marketing is a Nigerian-based marketing tech company with presence in Ibadan and Lagos.

As the foremost marketing technology brand in Africa, TOA leverages on Tech to improve Africa’s economy by enabling small businesses to scale through Digital Marketing services, Digital Marketing skill development as well as connecting them to skilled Human capital.

TOA Marketing is parent company to TOALearn, a platform that helps businesses to scale up their Marketing by planning, managing, and assigning marketing tasks to on-demand skilled and vetted marketers who have undergone our Training programs. TOA Marketing is also parent company to SME Meetup, a platform that helps businesses to engage in B2B sales services through networking and collaboration. TOA Marketing also SME Safari, a platform where SMEs are taught Social Media Marketing DIYs.

TOA Marketing was founded by Ore Afolayan, Marketing Strategist and GrowthHacker in 2017. Ore has a background in Political Communications where he once served as the Secretary of New Media to the Nigerian Minister for Communications and also was Key Informant in WhatsApp Research on the Use of fake news in the Nigerian Elections which was carried out by researchers from the University of Birmingham.

TOA Marketing is incorporated as “The Ore Afolayan Marketing" with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with RC No; 2955320.

Ore Afolayan

Ore is a disruptive marketing strategist with experience working with a Nigerian Minister of Communications, WhatsApp, University of Birmingham and other leading glocal brands. Ore is a skilled SEO and Marketing Automation Specialist.

Ore AfolayanOre AfolayanOre Afolayan
James Tinubu

James is a creative entity and tech enthusiast. He has garnered experience working with the likes of Google, SAP and Hackernest, Canada. He has a profound love for the growth of SMEs. He acts, dances  and does what he thinks is comedy.

James TinubuJames TinubuJames Tinubu
Abidemi Owoyemi

Abidemi is a graduate of Mass Communication, an experienced Social Media Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast and media industry. Abidemi is skilled in leveraging the power of online communities and social media platforms to increase brand awareness and boost brand loyalty.

Owoyemi AbidemiBidemiBidemi
Ololade Olagunju

Ololade has a degree in Information Technology(Software Engineering) from Strafford University, USA. He has developed Tech tools that has enhanced Human Life Experience.

Ololade OlagunjuThe Lone Wolf #TOAOlolade Olagunju
Precious Nwachukwu

Precious is a First-class Graduate of Economics. Her interests lie in Marketing and Business Analysis. She doubles as our Accounts Manager and our link to the outside world.

Chidinma NwachukwuChidinma Nwachukwu
Adesola Ikulajolu
Client Account Services

Adesola is an award-winning journalist, storyteller who has interests in developmental projects. He has worked with The Nation Newspapers, Nigerian Tribune, New Telegraph, The Guardian

Adesola IkulajoluOloye Naija
Ifeoluwa Adeyoonu

Ife is an Analytics Enthusiast. Asides being a Social media marketer, he is interested in how businesses can measure Reach through analytics. He believes that Analytics are often overlooked by marketers.  So how then businesses measure the effectiveness of their strategy? Ifeoluwa helps businesses to know where to improve upon, and where to stop putting energy into so they don't waste resources.

Samiat Olamide Ogundele
Client Account Services
Samiat OgundeleSammie girlSammie