Facebook scaling strategies that can help you earn more

Just what the world needs…another wanna-be
I’d like to share some of my advanced Facebook
scaling strategies that have helped me crack the
$100k/month sales mark multiple times..
But at the risk of sounding like another “wanna-be
guru” I’d like you to judge me by my content since
I know there’s a lot of foolish posts in these
Advanced Facebook Scaling
The daily double strategy
This strategy is very simple but effective. The goal
is to double our results each day.
Once I have converting ad sets I will duplicate
them, double the budget, and begin them at
It is imperative that you begin ads at midnight for
many reasons.
You can duplicate this ad set in the same
campaign, but also make sure you “breakdown”
the ad set to narrow your audience.
Compliments to Tim Burd.. This method has
helped me go from $10/day in ad set budget to
$500-$1000 without missing a beat.
We saw the SAME ROAS by following this method
on a hot ad set we had running. We were spending
$1k/day and generating 3-4x ROAS.
Basically dropsurfing is when you raise the ad set
budget every few hours, you continue to raise the
budget as long as ROAS stays the same or
I’m oversimplifying this to keep things short &
sweet. Basically we doubled the budget every 2-3
CBO Scaling (new)
Facebook has been driving me crazy with their
CBO integration because at high budgets it can be
unstable at times.
What I’ve been doing recently is testing with the
ad set budgeting, and once I find winning ad sets I
will put them all in a CBO and make the budget
$400+ per day.
This has worked well for me, I’m also testing the
option of having multiple CBO’s at $100-$200 per
day but I prefer to run higher budgets because I
believe Facebook is favoring that.
Scaling multiple ad accounts
One of my mentors absolutely kills it with this
method. He’s crushing $100,000 days now, but
has been known for hitting $20k-$50k days.
For me, I have been achieving decent results with
this but only for ecommerce (general store/trendy
Essentially you take a winning campaign and you
export & import into a new ad account. Begin it at
midnight and use the same pixel.
This should double your results overnight if your
campaigns are doing well.
Lookalike scaling
Facebook experts know this is 100% neccessary,
but I’m surprised by how many people don’t
leverage lookalikes properly.
Everyones got a different strategy, but I test
1%-10% lookalikes for ALL events possible.
95% Video views
Add to carts
Initiate checkouts
Page views / View content
Email subscribers
Fan page followers
There’s 10 audiences for each of these above, so
this is AT LEAST 70 new audiences to test.
I run an ad set at $10/day for each lookalike and
when it converts I duplicate to $25, and then to
Then throw those winners into a CBO.
Overall… this is how I take winning ad sets and
scale them. Everyone has their own strategy.
Whats yours? Feel free to comment below with
I’ll respond to comments and questions.
However if you’re gonna be a troll/asshole ignore
this post because I’ll just ignore you. No time for
negative energy.

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