There are several ways to make money. However, I have identified distinct 10 Ways To Create Products That Can Make You Money.

There are several ways to 10 Ways To Create Products That Can Make You Money
10 Ways To Create Products That Can Make You Money: Digital Marketing

They are:

1. Write A Book

A book does not have to be an “actual book” (which takes a long time to write). One example is Peng Joon’s content “multiplier formula”, which is more like a booklet with barely any text. Most of it is step by step pictures on how to use his formula.

2. Turn your Course/Masterclass into a Book/E-book

I did this for my influencer secrets book. I took a one hour and a half video where I explained live to students how I broke 7 figures using organic marketing on Facebook. Paid a sum to someone to take this video and make an e-book out of it.

Turned out extremely cool, and people LOVED IT!

3. PLR (Private Label Rights)

You Can Buy Rights To Sell Products Others Have Already Created – I used PLR several times. One example was buying an old course from someone that he didn’t sell anymore and use it as a bonus together with my funnel stack.

I recently saw someone that his whole bonus offer (20 bonuses) is other people’s courses/classes!!!

He did not create a single thing but is still using it.

How to get rights? You either pay for it (ask an influencer if you can get rights to an old course he does not sell anymore… I have around 5-6 courses that I don’t sell that are all great for example).

4. Compile a Book

An example would be Kevin Steven with his Air Fryers Secrets book! (a bunch of people paid Kevin a lot of money to write chapters about their expertise… but it’s Kevin’s book!)

5. Re-Niche Content

Take whatever it is you’re currently selling and then re-niche it and go to

another market.

6. Audiobooks

Take your e-book/book and create an audio version.

7. Audio Interviews

Did a bunch of Facebook Lives interviewing people? (a lot of us did)

Transcribe those interviews with Rev/Temi and create a book/e-book out of them that includes only the best nuggets of each interview!


Notes are worth a lot. For example, some people don’t have the time/money to go to a live event like Funnel Hacking Live, so that’s when Tim Castleman comes into the picture. He goes to the event, takes the most interesting notes of each speaker, compiles them into a PDF and sells it…

You can do the same without going to an event.

You can do it for videos on YouTube, interviews, podcasts, and more!

Chrome Extensions

This is highly profitable.

Here’s a way a friend used Chrome Extensions to do really cool things.

Build a huge audience quickly – a friend built a cool Chrome Extension called “Friend Adder.” The cost was less than N30,000.

They gave it away for free in return to people opting into their Messenger Bot. They got 1,500 subscribers in less than two days + over 1k comments on the post itself, which pretty much brought back his group from the dead. Two days after they launched a product in the group and made over a million naira… Till date, they still feel the engagement that Friend Adder brought helped their launch massively.

Paid Facebook Group

This is super cool and simple.

Sell your information/program, but instead of building a membership area or anything complicated, just charge people with a Paypal link and give them access to a private Facebook group, you can record lesson are store them inside the group in the “learning tab”. You can charge people up to N50,000/per month just to get into your private Facebook group!

Hope someone finds this useful.

Sorry if you are already a billionaire and this is irrelevant to you

I am Ore Afolayan. They call me Mr Miyagi. I think I have spoken.

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