1) Direct Statement Headlines: The shocking truth about FB Ads

2) Question Headlines: What would you do if you had the money?

3) Testimonial Headlines: “Clickfunnels is a huge part of my business, I couldn’t do my job without it”

4) How to headlines: how to sell more faster

5) Indirect Headlines: Opportunity is waiting inside.

6) Guarantee Headline: double your clients in 30 days or I’ll pay you $500

7) Frustration headline: Tired of those cheap, amateur marketing courses? now you can have access to the/a free training that will put the paid ones to shame

8) Benefit: 50 Moron-proof ways to make money on the internet

9) Reason why: 3 reasons why you choose apple products over androids

10) Case study Headline: the amazing story of a dumb boy who made a smart mistake (really proud of this headline I just made up on the spot

11) News headline: Inside funnel secrets that have been kept hidden… until now

12) If … Than Headline: If you’re rreally serious about growing plump tomomatos, Here’s how to grow the perfect tomato every time or your money back

13) Number headline: 8 Steps to success. What to do… and when to do it. 42-page guide FREE when you subscribe.

Headlines will forever be one of your strongest advantages in a dog-eat-dog world hostile to your empire..

And if you don’t know now you know….

As always, make bundles with funnels!

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