Is a social sharing plugin best or should I rather copy each social icon and attach a link to each
image. Which is best for SEO?
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Dan Hale
1 option will let users share your content easily
(plugin), the 2nd will just be a link to your
channels. Depends what your goal is. If you don’t
need the sharing bit, then not adding a plugin
makes perfect sense (option 2).
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MaAnna Stephenson
Social share and social follow are 2 different
things. Social Pug does both so you only take one
hit on the extra requests. It has Improved since I
wrote this review, but still close enough and has
setting Tips for speed
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Mike Friedman
Just be aware that most social plugins are fairly
slow and bloated. If you feel you are in the kind
of niche where a lot of people would share your
content, then the trade-off can be worth it. For
something like a dental practice, I would avoid
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Neil Cheesman
I use AddToAny – although it is worth noting that
on mobile devices a built-in share option is
usually available.
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Shane Edge Pienaar
My thoughts were more on the links between my
site and on the social profiles would help with
generating some SEO juice. All the little bits of
juice can fill a glass if you get my drift
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Danny Smith
One thing you need to test. Ig no one is using
them get rid. They can slow your site down and in
many cases especially on mobile and tablet are
poorly configured.
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MaAnna Stephenson
I tested bunches of these plugins for speed. Some
of them add zero load time if properly configured.
Below is the post on the free plugins. It has a link
to the paid plugin case study.

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