Focus in on page SEO. Address the content itself.
Focus on meta descriptions and page titles for CTR. Look at what the top competitors for the content topic you’re written about are doing, and
get an idea of the amount of word count. Double this word count in your blog content.
Also look at your GSC data. Find your blog piece URL in GSC and look at the keywords it’s showing organically for and implement them.

Write better content.

Keywords research and high quality dofollow backlinks can lead u at the top.

Repurpose them into different types of content if you’re aiming for free traffic. You can pick your top 5 best performing blog posts for example and
create corresponding Youtube videos and make sure to link them in the description box. Other forms of content you can also do based on your
top 5 posts – FB live, Facebook Stories, Email newsletters (this one is very easy, you just need to create a summary of each post and blast it to
your email list if you have), and republish on LinkedIn and Medium.

Write blog posts that people want to read about quality not quantity

Keyword Planner + SEMRush KD + BuzzSumo are your friends.

Do new articles but write in style “Do you know why you didn’t succeed in life? Well here are 5 tips to help you cope with depression.”
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Hit Esh
Optimize them with good blog keywords!!
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Jeff Oravbiere
Research your keywords first before writing up articles. Only write articles around keywords that have some good amount of search and easy to
rank for. Use keyword tool to research keywords with good volume

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Evgenia Evg
It’s difficult to say, you have a very broad question. What is the market/country you’re targeting, is it just a blog or part of an online shop for example.
Are you only lacking impressions but your rankings are okay?
And so on.
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at 2:36 AM
Demetrius Si Roxana Tautu
I’d say that you should work on re-engaging those 100 visits before thinking on new ones. 100 visits / article is not bad at all. Use web pushes to bring back your viewers whenever you post a new article. I recommend you as it’s totally free.

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