1) Teach single people how to date / how to find a partner

a) How to master dating sites

1) How to pick up ladies / guys at a bar

2) How to make your new relationship last

3) How to know if they’re the “one”

4) How to have confidence

5) Coach married couples

b) to stay together

1) to increase communication

2) to increase sex

3) Coach divorcees how to get back in the game

c) Getting over heartbreak / how to let go of an ex

d) Fitness / Wellness / Health

2) Weight loss

a) Prepare for marathons/competitions

b) Building muscle / getting fit

c) How to use gym equipment for newbies

1) Makeover / revenge body

d) Nutrition / Eating well e)

types of diets 1)

vegan lifestyle 2)

Yoga instructionals f)

Sleep disorders / Sleeping better g)

Basic first aid h)

Make-up / beauty tutorials i)

Mental health j)

getting rid of anxiety 1)

identifying when you have a problem 2)

getting over social fears 3)

battling depression 4)

living with OCD 5)

Make Money Online / Ecommerce 3)

Affiliate marketing a)

Mastering Ebay b)

Craiglist reselling c)

Amazon FBA d)

How to set up a shopify store e)

How to sell t-shirts online with CF,

Redbubble f)

Mastering Etsy g)

Making money with blogging, YouTube,

etc. h)

Selling ebooks on Amazon i)

How to write your first book 1)

How to find a ghost writer 2)

How to design your own book covers 3)

Selling courses on Udemy, Skillshare,



Wealth Management / Investing 4)

Stock Market a)

Saving for retirement b)

Real estate c)

Understanding your 401k, IRA, etc. d)

How to understand your financial



Getting out of debt e)

How to pay less in taxes legally f)

Building a Business / Management 5)

Branding a)

Outsourcing b)

Hiring your first employee c)

Accounting d)

Copywriting / Copyediting e)

Content Creation f)

Health / Life Insurance g)

Running paid ads h)

SEO i)

Organic traffic strategies j)

Sales Funnel building / design k)

Technology 6)

How to use photoshop, Adobe premiere,



How to set up a website on CF, Wix, WordPress

b) How to code / Learn basic HTML, CSS, etc


Tricks you never knew your smartphone

could do


Mastering MS Word, Excel, any desktop



How to use any software that is specific

to your industry / job you might have

had before


Travel 7)

How to travel abroad (visas, passports,



Information about destinations b)

Safety abroad c)

How to plan a trip d)

Budget planning e)

How to “travel hack” / master the

airline points system with credit cards


How to move abroad / get a job abroad



Photography / Videography 8)

How to use a gopro a)

Filmmaking with basic equipment b)

Storytelling c)

Basic cinematography knowledge / skills d)

How to break into Hollywood

filmmaking e)

How to do content batching f)

Creating photos / video for social media g)

Career 9)

How to find a job online with LinkedIn,

Indeed, etc


Resume / CV writing b)

Interviewing skills c)

Career coaching for professionals d)

How to get promotions e)

How to prepare for a specific license

exam f)

How to resign from a job properly g)

How to get into a particular career path

(e.g. how to break into acting,

modeling, etc)


Best schools to go to, degrees to

get, things to study, credential to

earn, etc if you want a particular



Arts and Crafts 10)

Photography for weddings, etc. a)

Drawing with charcoal, pencil, etc. b)

Painting with acrylic, oils, etc. c)

How to make jewelry d)

How to knit / crochet e)

Graphic Design f)

Scrapbooking g)

Origami h)

Ceramics i)

Drug / Alcohol Recovery 11)

Trauma resolution a)

How to get sober and stay sober b)

Alternative programs to AA / NA c)

Motivation 12)

Goal setting a)

Daily / morning routines b)

Planning your days, weeks, months c)

Productivity d)

Weddings 13)

How to plan a)

How to budget b)

How to pick wedding contractors c)

How to find your wedding theme d)

How to find your wedding location e)

How to plan a destination wedding f)

Weddings on a budget g)

Dealing with wedding family drama h)

Food 14)

How to cook the basics (then advanced



Dishes from certain countries /

geographic areas b)

How to meal plan / prep c)

Music 15)

How to play an instrument a)

How to compose b)

How to sell your music online c)

How to get a record deal d)

How to record your first song / album e)

How to find / hire an agent f)

Religion 16)

Daily devotionals a)

Real Estate 17)

Buying your first house a)

Flipping houses b)

Basic home maintenance / repair c)

Investing in your first rental property d)

How to hire and handle contractors e)

How to become a realtor f)

How to sell more houses 1)

Car Repair 18)

Basic repairs anyone should know a)

What goes in your emergency kit b)

Basic diagnosis c)

How to not get ripped off by your



How to fix up old / classic cars e)

Parenting / Having Children 19)

Dealing with an empty nest a)

Choosing the right school b)

How to have hard talks with your kid c)

What to do when your kid is rebelling d)

Fertility / Getting pregnant e)

“What to Expect When You’re



How to prep for labor / what you need

to know about the birthing process


Breastfeeding / What New Moms Need

to Know h)

Fashion / Design 20)

How to put an outfit together a)

How to design a capsule wardrobe b)

How to sew c)

How to do basic sewing repairs (e.g.



How to accessorize

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