Through this article, I will give you 3 Copywriting Tips to boost conversions. I have used them, perfected them and now I’m teaching you for free.

First, I will assume you already know what Copywriting is. If not, read HERE

It is essential for you to understand the hacks and tips in copywriting. Else, you will just be creating copy with noo conversions. That’s why I’m giving you these 3copywriting tips for free.

Let me explain… A woman with thin black hair walks into a supermarket looking for a shampoo to protect it.

She can choose from; –General Shampoo -Shampoo for Black Hair -Thin Protection Shampoo For Black Hair

She chooses the third option because it speaks to her specific needs.

It’s the same with emails; if the business sells training programs for salespeople and their email is on ‘closing the sale’… …an email that starts with; ‘Read this if you’re a salesperson — it will improve your closing skills.’ Is DAMN effective for targeting prospects that need help closing. It qualifies everyone that should read the email. Thus; helps the company sell a course on closing.

To do this in our email list, we should start the sentence with; This is for you if…[XXXX] This will work for you if…[XXXX] Study this email if…[XXXX]

Following on; The next part of the sentence should be interesting to the prospect. Why? The reaction in our prospect here is in the mammalian brain. It’s the part of the Triune Brain that makes decisions and experiences emotions. And it likes to feel emotion.

My Top 3 Copywriting Tips

1. A Subject That Resonates With The Prospect

It should be something the prospect agrees with — right off the bat.

It should invoke confirmation bias in the prospect; something they ‘know.’ As soon as it’s said. The prospect agrees straight away; and clicks. The subject comes from knowledge of the target market. Example; -‘Read if you’re a salesperson that thinks OLD sales advice is outdated.’ —

2. Addresses A Fear In The Prospect

Again — the fear comes from researching the target market. Once it’s known that the market experiences fear towards an area — address it in the preview text.

Example in copywriting; -‘Read if you’re a copywriter that doesn’t want to be replaced by AI.’ —

3. It Fulfills a Need In The Prospect.

What does the prospect desire? The desire, once again, will come from research. Once we know what the prospect wants; we can address it in the preview text. An example from this article; ‘If you have an email list — this will help increase open rates.’ — So that’s one often overlooked method for reducing the amount of unopened emails. Test different angles to find what works best in a specific niche.

So, go forth and excel.

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