Throw that landing page link everywhere!

1. Home Page Opt-In: Turn the home page of your website into a landing page where people are encouraged to sign up for your list before exploring more.

2. Website Pop-Ups

3. HelloBar: Add a thin bar at the top of your website offering a freebie,

4. Link in Your Website Header

5. Sign Up Form in Your Footer

6. 404 Page: When people accidentally land on a webpage of yours that doesn’t exist and encounter a 404 error, you can customize this page to offer them a free lead magnet for their troubles! (Tip: After they subscribe, automatically redirect them to your blog, not your home page if you’re using a home page opt-in…they’ve already just subscribed on your 404 page!)

7. Your Bio: Mention your landing page URL at the end of your bio.

8. Blog Sidebar

9. Call to Action at End of a Blog Post

10. Link in a Blog Post When Discussing a Relevant Topic

11. Link in Your Email Signature: I recommend for a custom email signature.

12. Link in Your Email Autoreplies: Going out of town? Include a link to our opt-in in your auto-replies.

13. Offline Events / Trade Shows: Bring a laptop, iPad or good ol’ paper and pencil to an offline event where you will be meeting a lot of prospective leads who might want to sign up.

14. Speaking Engagement: Giving a keynote presentation? Put your website or opt-in URL on the first slide which attendees will see as they sit and wait for you to begin speaking. Even better?

Everyone normally has their phones out. Make it easy on them by using a “text-to-optin” program.

15. Podcast / Radio Interview: Share a lead magnet URL when asked if you have anything for the audience.

16. Social Media Profile / Bios: Include your landing page link in your social media profiles where websites can be listed. Get creative, too, and list it in your bio as well.

17. Social Media Banners: Make better use of your graphic design space by advertising your freebie on it.

18. Social Media Posts (Organic and Ads)

19. FB Group Questions: Ask new members joining your free FB group if they have downloaded your freebie yet. Provided them the link in the question.

20. In Your Email Newsletter

21. YouTube Video Descriptions: Place your landing page link in the first 2 lines of your YouTube video description so it can be seen without someone having to click “show more”.

22. YouTube Clickable Annotations in Your Video

23. YouTube Cards

24. Forums (Quora): Answer questions on forums, and include links to your relevant free resources.

25. Business Cards: Include a URL on your business card.

26. Flyers / Handouts

27. Case Candy: Add little handouts (“case candy”) inside your packages when you ship products to customers. Include landing page links on them.

28. On the Outside of Shipping Boxes

29. QR Code: Create a scannable code that you can use on business cards, flyers and more.

30. Order Confirmation Forms / Receipts: Lead customers down another funnel with a landing page URL on a receipt.

31. Ebooks: Place links throughout and definitely at the end of your ebooks to give people a ‘next step’ to take.

32. Courses: Place links throughout your online courses to additional resources you offer on topics that are outside the scope of your course.

33. Thank You Pages: Instead of creating an offer wall of paid products on a thank you or order confirmation page, create an offer wall of freebies.

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