How to rapidly grow to 10k per month, working 2 hours a day.

I have been reflecting on this after spending most of this year traveling and wanted to share it with other experts.

This isn’t for people selling products or affiliate marketing (Not my area of expertise).


It does work for service providers.

It works for agencies.

It works for coaches.

And it works for consultants.

When you’re trying to get off the ground it can be super stressful.

Learning idea after idea, jumping on all the Webinars and never really getting anywhere.

I was in Japan 6 months ago, and i was working 1 to 2 hours a day, mainly due to enjoying life with my girlfriend.

Despite not having much time to work, I was super productive and still had some huge growth.

(The opposite to last year where I’d be at home working 12 hours a day and not getting anywhere).

So here’s 3 mistakes I used to make before breaking 10k per month.

    Get clear on what your offer actually is.

(it should be results driven, not process driven).

An example is selling done for you Facebook ads.

Most people (I used to do this) would sell a month to month device of what the client is going to get.

When I shifted to the results focus and selling packages (I actually learnt this form being a personal trainer back in the day), I started to get a tonne more interest.

Again, with coaching or consulting it’s the same.

Sell the results your expertise gets, not the time on the phone or the number of video trainings someone gets with you.

    You don’t have to go extreme micro niche mode on this.

But get an idea of who you’re speaking to, share your story of how you (or clients) overcame that problem and show them how they can too with your help.

  1. ASK
    I speak to so many experts that post endless content but never actually ask their audience what they want.

The easiest way to get sales is to ask people what they want, then serve it to them.

I used to have the build it and they will come mentality.

I spent the best part of a year building up to launching my first online business (a mindful nutrition coaching program) and when I launched I had one client who was a good friend of mine and paid next to nothing.

What I failed to do was connect with my audience and ask what they wanted.

If you’re an expert and you want to crush 10K months, keep it simple and streamline what you do.

Its all about clear communication and build g relationships when you’re getting going.

I hope this helps, have an epic weekend Funnel Hackers 🔥

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