How we reduced booked call cost by 500% for a coaching client

If you are paying too much for booked calls then it eats into your margins like a zombie hungry for flesh.

You need to be able to get that price down as much as possible but with quality leads, this is not a strategy about getting $0.10 clicks from papa new guinea. It’s about having a C-COM system in place.

C-COM is all about conversational commerce.

Here are the 6 steps. Some will be familiar some not so.

Step 1 The Ad
Call them out
Identify problem
Create new opportunity
Call to action
Step 2 The Optin
Capture bot subscriber
Capture email subscriber
Capture custom audience
Step 3 The Video
Encourage desires
Provoke Pain Points
Give Social Proof
Give Emotional Close
Give Logical Close
Step 4 The Follow Up To The Call
Multi-Channel follow up
Messenger build rapport
Email be consistent and give value
Step 5 The Show Up
Be conversational. This part is key
Personalised video messages,
Step 6 The Close
Be conversational, build more trust but also position as the authority.
What’s life like in 12 months?
What’s stopping you getting there?
What resources do you have available?
Recap answers
Do you want my help?
Can you tick off all of these in your sales process?

Let me know if you do any extra ones on top of these.

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