🎬 🔥Youtube Growth Value Post [Day 3 of 10] 🎥⚡️
Straight up – your Youtube thumbnails may be THE MOST important thing for your channel’s success or failure.

I hate to say it… Soooooo many of you do them completely wrong! That’s okay – we’ll fix it in this post!

And hitting 290k subs organically, 19M views, and 400+ vids I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about what converts. No knowing these probably cost me tens of thousands of subs and probably millions of views.

Funnel Hackers! I present to you the….

5 DO’s & DON’Ts of Killer YouTube Thumbnails In 2020
as always, excuse any lack of grammar/formatting. Just wrote this like a stream of consciousness – meant to deliver value, not be a blog post. 🙈

DO design your thumbnails at a 5th-grade level. Use basic language! No $3 words here. TIP: no more than 4 words per thumbnail. People don’t want to work to read your image.

DO design your thumbnails so you can read them from 6 ft away. it might look awesome when you design it on the desktop, but no one can read or see most of the text when watching mobile.

DO make the copy in your thumbnail complement the video. Go with something different! No need to just repeat the title of it since they can see the title under your image anyway. See the next point for examples!

DO use bold promises for the copy. Some that converted best are “DO THIS NOW” or “NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS” or “JUST DO THIS” or “SELL ANYTHING LIKE THIS” — notice how simple these are? WEIRD TIP: if I’m ever blanking on what to write for TN copy I just think of how trump talks.

DO consider split testing. Unfortunately, YT doesn’t have this option natively… You gotta use the 3rd party plugin “tubebuddy” for this. A/B testing is on their highest level which is like 50 a month or something? Well worth it in my opinion once you have over 50k subs. Love data-driven decisions. Funny how what I think will convert best actually under preforms and vice versa!

DON’T make every TN different! develop a signature style with your thumbnails. Gotta be recognizable! Pick design temps/branding/style stuff and stick to it. Don’t overthink this. Look at a channel you like and notice that you can tell it’s their video from a mile away browsing on youtube!

DON’T waste extra time shooting images. Most the time I forgot to take a thumbnail image so I’d have to use a fuzzy screenshot. Here’s what to do instead: BATCH SHOOT YOUR IMAGES! Spend like an hour one week taking well light HQ images of yourself that you can use for thumbnails. I have a google drive of like 200+ useable photos of me. Most are pretty cringe but whatever! Get clear photos of you making different facial expressions. (attached are some for good cringe!)

DON’T over-complicate this. Use one of the “6 universal human emotions” for thumbnails. These are: happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust, and anger. Stick to these!

DON’T use poor visibility colors. Use high-converting colors! Highest click-through rates have RED, YELLOW, BLACK, and WHITE. By a long shot!

DON’T neglect the power of faces. Faces get clicks! SIMPLE beats COMPLEX every time! Less really is more with your thumbnails.

I want you to challenge yourself to post a video NO MATTER WHAT every day for 30 days. THE GOAL IS NOT TO GET VIEWS, SUBS, etc….
The ONLY goal is to get better on video.
Moving into 2020 you’ll be so dialed & see video isn’t that hard or intimidating. Then, you can drop down to 3 x a week

Refusing to settle,
Clark 🤘🏻

p.s. what questions do you have about growing your YT channel organically? I challenged myself to post daily value in here for 10 days in a row! I want to give back and serve you all. Clickfunnels changed my life and made marketing FUN! Day 03/10 ✅

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