🎬 🔥Youtube Growth Value Post [Day 9 of 10] 🎥⚡️
Let’s talk about the gear you need to crush it on youtube.

The phone you’re probably reading this on has a camera that would have been worth like $20k just 20 years ago. It’s good enough to get started! No amount of 4k cams can make up for not being good on video. It’s about your energy, not the gear!

I love the canon G7x. Super user-friendly. Hard to make this camera look bad. Only con is lack of external audio. But I think they fixed this on the newest release.

I also used the Canon T5i with kit lens to get like first 200k+ subs. It’s a $500 kit used on amazon I think? Point is it’s good enough!

Now I use a 4K cam (Sony a6400) but 4K or high-end DSLR cameras are super not needed for most people and to get your first 10k subs.

This matters almost more than your camera. Get a $60 three-piece light kit or invest in a $100 ring light.

If you’re super DIY just film in front of a big window. Natural lighting looks the best anyway.

Also really important. Surprisingly not expensive at all! Couple options I’d recommend:
cheap $20 sony lapel mic. Forget the model and name but it’s the one that looks like a silver bullet. I used this all the time and it sounds way better than most $100+ lapel mics IMO.
Use your phone/voice memo! Sometimes I forget the lapel and have just recorded a voice memo on my phone and it sounds sick. The downside is you have to sync this in post-production and creates an extra step.

I use Final Cut Pro X. Any free editing software will do! All you need to know is COPY/PASTE/DELETE/EXPORT. that’s it!

DO NOT GET FANCY WITH VIDEO EDITING. Don’t use titles, transitions, music, color grade, etc. You’ll just burn too much time and it maybe helps like +5%. You’re way better off using that time to film more content and get better on camera. Over editing hurts your vids and takes way too long. Just edit for flow/cut stuff out that isn’t needed.

Editing does take some time and is a labor of love! I suggest adopting the frame that you LOVE editing instead of hating it. Will make you life a whole lot easier moving forward since you’ll be doing it a ton at the start unless you want to pay someone.

Side note: I still do 99% of my edits. Hard to find a talented video editor for less than $100+ per vid and sometimes uploading/sending files then re-downloading after changes takes longer than just doing the thing yourself.

Hope that helps!

Refusing to Settle,
Clark Kegley 🤘🏻

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