How to scale your course, coaching, or consulting business from $5k-$10k/mo to $50k+/mo

1.) Build a VSL funnel, and have qualified leads coming to you

2.) Outsource tasks you aren’t good at to experts. That way you can stay focused on what matters & what you’re great at doing.

3.) Follow the principle of “One Thing”. Focus on one marketing strategy, one funnel, one offer. Stop spending amounts of your time in different businesses, it’s killing your ability to grow unless you’ve properly built a system already.

4.) Cut out unnecessary fluff. Cut out things that don’t drive results, cut out things that waste time, cut out bad contractors, bad employees etc. Quadruple down on what works.

5.) Continue to keep your customers on the top of of your mind. Your customers dictate everything within your business. Cater towards them.

6.) Improve your marketing. Your current marketing efforts are most likely not doing well for you, because if they were, you’d have more customers than you can handle.

7.) Create the best product you possibly can.

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