If you want to make the most out of your INSTAGRAM you have to use STORIES & DM’s. ✅

In STORIES you need to ATTRACT the prospects, then proceed to closing them in DM’s.

Not many people are aware of that. ❗️

They mostly focus on their FEED which is of course a great way to make your account look professional and attractive like the finest bussines card.

But, they forget the more important part, so they are leaving money on the table.

STORIES, where you really ENGAGE with your audience & demonstrate authority, proof etc.

It’s where you lead your prospects to become your LOYAL CLIENTS in DM’s so they buy from you happily WITHOUT YOU FORCING THEM.

There are proven ways to close prospects in DM’s and turn them into clients.

One of the best methods is 6 BOXES, which I learned by my mentor Jason Capital which he was taught by Taki Moore. 💯

Keep in mind, you must give VALUE first & offer them a SOLUTION to their PROBLEM. 🙌

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