I’ve literally used this EXACT sequence to close 100s of clients for my agency.

I’ve used it to close students.

And I even used it to close my first 6 figure deal!

Let’s start with before the call is even booked. ✔️

If you have social proof you want to leverage all of it to prime the client so they already know what you CAN do!

The best way to do this is to have the prospect book a call through a funnel where you have aggregated social proof. Client results, endorsements, etc.

Once the client is on the call you should take them through this sequence:

1) Build rapport in the first minute of the conversation.
(I always ask cheesy questions like “How is the weather there?”)

2) Direct the conversation. Tell them how the conversation will go and tell them that if it qualify for your help, they can decide at the end if they want to be a part of it or not.

3) Wait for them to say “okay” (You’re basically waiting for them to say “Sure you can pitch me at the end!”)

4) Qualify the owner (Ask qualifying questions & LET THEM TALK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE)

5) Tell them that you can help….

6) Wait for them to ask how….

7) Tell them how you help (people like them) achieve (result they want)

8 ) If they have questions answer them and WAIT. (You’re now waiting for them to ask how much it is.)

9) When they ask how much it will cost tell them your fee but offer a fast action discount or bonus.

10) BONUS: I always would offer to waive my clients expensive buildout fee in exchange for a video testimonial after a specific time frame. (This not only makes the client feel like they are getting a good deal, but it also sets the idea that you will crush it for them in that time frame.)

I promise you that if you master this sequence that you will be INSANE at closing deals over the phone. 😜💰

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