In 7 steps, I will teach you how to scale your online course from less than N5,000 to N20,000+

How to scale your Online Course Effectively
How to scale your Online Course Effectively

Nail down your ideal customer

Develop a few clients’ avatars. Really hone down on your messaging.

Understand their most common problems, objections, desires, and misbelieves.

Understanding all this, greatly helps you scale. Be able to speak and find exactly who you help online.

Continue to Build your Brand Online

Continue to keep posting valuable content where your ideal customers hang out.

Build your following, collect their emails, start hammering down on one platform harder than before.

Start posting on Instagram or YouTube if your main platform is Facebook.

Start sharing content on both platforms, this creates an omnipresence with your followers.

They’ll start to see you helping them all over.

Just share the same content on all platforms if you’d like.

The best way to build your brand is by just delivering the most helpful, valuable, transparent content.

Build relationships with people.

Continue to Book Strategy Sessions

Continue to book strategy sessions or send leads down your funnel.

Whatever your current method of selling your course is, keep hammering at it.

You can probably increase your monthly sales by 25% with your existing way you sell your course.

Fine tune it, and put a system in place.

Now, here’s how to scale:

Increase your prices

If your course is anywhere from N500-N2000, it’s time to create a high ticket offer.

Scaling lower ticket offers from my experience tends to be annoying and more difficult than scaling higher ticket offers.

The main reason I prefer higher ticket offer is because a lot of people online see these N500 or N2000 courses all the time.

Become a flagship within your niche.

I prefer increasing the amount of value you’re offering, increase the price, and start working with people who pay more.

These people who buy high ticket offers, complain less, do more work and are your best students. You want those who are enthusiastic to work with you.

Everyone doesn’t have to do this but it’s my suggestion.

This also can depend on your niche, but I believe every niche can probably charge anywhere from N5000-N20000 if the offer is valuable enough.

Build a Funnel

It’s going to be 2021 in less than 6 months.

It’s time to build a system that works for you. Building a funnel will help remove you from the process of converting leads. Unless you do a case study funnel or webinar for your high ticket offer, you’ll most likely be doing phone calls to close deals. This is fine in the beginning and is preferred, that way you craft a deeper understanding of your niche for your future marketing. But over time, hire 1-3 sales guys to work for you on commission. That way you can remove yourself from the business if you’d like. All funnels work, it just depends on you.

Scale with Ads

If you already have an existing audience online or an email list of people who know, like, and trust you, scaling your course is going to be much easier. Running ads can be like pouring gasoline on the fire. Start running ads to your funnel. This way you can be reaching people while you sleep, and have your funnel running bringing you in sales.

Scaling with ads can be a headache and a lot of wasted time and money IF done incorrectly.

If you don’t know a thing about ads, I’d recommend to learn it just to the point where you atlas have an understanding of what’s going on and how ads work. But if you aren’t an ad expert, most aren’t, work with an agency or contractor that has proven results.

Continue to Improve your product & yourself

Your product is a reflection of yourself.

Make your product world-class.

Your product should be at least 10x cheaper than the value it brings back.

If your product brings N100,000 of value or future value, it should be a 1/10th the price. If your product can deliver 6 figures of value or future gains, charge a few thousand. You can research this on your own and come up with what works best for you, but the point is this; Create the best product on the marketplace, don’t scam anyone, be diligent, and continue to become a better version of yourself every single day.


For people to do business with you, they have to overcome a trust hump. In their mind, it is a risk to do business with you… “Will this course work”, “What if I lose my money” etc.

Your marketing should indoctrinate and get people to want to work with you.

Do this by sharing results, testimonials, and interviews with people you have helped.

Really overcome peoples objections!

Hope this post was helpful, especially in this pandemic.

But don’t wait to take action, take action today.

Quit wasting time and get going!

Start doing the things you need to do, today!

Feel free to ask any questions below, just want to help out where I can

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