How often do you hear people in November and December telling you to hold up and actually finish what you started?
Usually quarter 4 is when business coaches like myself love to throw out a ton of content about organizing, planning and prepping for a bigger, better new year ahead. It’s the obvious theme to latch onto: a fresh start, new financial accounting year, new resolutions.
We get out our calendars and ambitiously write in all our new launch dates and dream of bigger bottom lines than we’ve ever had before as well as all the ‘cool new stuff’ we have in store for our audience.
There’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, I do it, too. I mean, you should plan your launches and business activities at least several months in advance.
But how often do you hear people in November and December telling you to hold up and actually finish what you started?
Recently a friend of mine and I have been vox-ing back and forth about some new product ideas I have, and I get so excited I want to just dive in and plan things to go out right now!
The truth is, though, I have a lot of really great stuff already like my ebooks and courses which need some tending to.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome. I feel proud of all the things I sell.
But the thing about infoproducts of any kind is that they always need a bit of maintenance, updates. And my funnels? Well, as my incoming traffic grows and data comes in about what works and what doesn’t, they need tweaking as well for optimal performance.
Like me, you probably have a lot of great ideas for new products and new projects – and that’s awesome. But, don’t forget about things you’ve already launched.
When will you make time to update them?
When will you make time to check in with those students who already purchased from you?
When will you make time to make those products that they already bought genuinely better?
It’s not something that’s talked about often because we’re so focused all the time on the ‘next big thing’ and moving forward to that next new shiny object.
My latest course (re)launch wasn’t a 6-figure launch, but it is still by far my highest revenue-producing course of all time because I simply keep at it. It’s been around since 2016. I keep improving it, finding new ways to promote it, finding new audiences for it.
I don’t want to come across as a hypocrite here. I’ve got something new and fun for my audience to check out later this week on Black Friday and the upcoming Cyber Monday. It’s ok to launch new things and get excited about them.
I just see people all the time doing a launch, not quite making their figures and then dropping that product like a hot potato to go launch something else in hopes that will perform better. At the end of the year, when everyone’s gearing up for 2020, it’s hard not to feel like every infopreneur out there is doing the same thing on a big scale with their entire businesses.
All I’m saying is, there is money still to be made in funnels and products you already have. There are testimonials yet to be earned from students who already bought from you. There are people out there that already put their faith and dollars into you that you owe more time and effort.
Incorporate some time for that into your 2020 efforts as well! I know I will be.

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