But how do I know what my unique selling proposition is? What’s my thing? How do I stand out in a sea of competition to make my offer have that stick-out-ness to it?

I think of it like chicken. Chicken is chicken. Lots of people sell chicken. Everything is crowded – like selling chickien, so just figure out one thing you can spin differently than others are doing.

Don’t overcomplicate your unique spin. Just name it something sexy and use one of these features to stand out.

The order (the sequence of the info)
The container (the delivery mechanism)
The combination (the mashup of info)
The speed (time it takes to consume the info)
The curation (the expansiveness of info)
The experience (the high touch level)
The price (the cheapest)
The quality (the best)

If you look at it this way, look at how many ways there are to stand out in the land of chicken:
ORDER Hosting a progressive dinner with chicken as the main meal
CONTAINER Hello Fresh delivers chicken cordon bleu meal in a subscription
COMBINATION Homemade Chicken Pot Pie like Grandma made
SPEED Uber Eats delivers chicken to your door in minutes
CURATION Kentucky Fried Chicken – a buffet of just fried chicken pieces
EXPERIENCE Five star restaurant with the most delicious chicken you’ve ever tasted (by candlelight)
PRICE McDonalds Chicken on the $1 menu
QUALITY Go buy the chicken alive at the farmers market and eat it when you go home

Most things that sound new, are simply curated or named new. It’s not as tricky as you might think!

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