I made $8,000 on a weekend from a WhatsApp group of 27 people!

After using this method for a business with a bigger audience, I’ve decided to test it with the smallest business I could find (my mom’s 😄).
The whole process took only 4 days and we combined 3 of the most powerful mental triggers:
Anticipation – Community – Scarcity
Here’s how we did it:
My mother owns a small boutique clothing store (in her apartment). She doesn’t even have a list that she could use to invite to the WhatsApp group, so she manually texted her existing clients and told them we would create a unique offer to everyone that joined our group. That’s how we got 27 people in (alternatively, you can broadcast the invitation to your list).
Days 1 and 2 (Monday) – As people started to join the group, we posted video 1 welcoming them, and letting them know that on Thursday we would open cart with a surprise discount. At this point, we are creating anticipation and community, as they start to interact.
Day 3 (Wednesday) – We posted video 2, where she revealed the discount deal (50%) and announced that it would only last from 9 am to 7 pm on Thursday. People buy at the last minute anyway, so having only one open cart day, with limited hours, creates an intense scarcity.
Day 4 (Thursday) – We launched video 3 about the open cart. At this point, people were excited and ready to buy.
All the videos were less than 2 minutes long.

A few observations:

On the open cart day, she made about $5,000. On the weekend we decided to invite people that couldn’t come on Thursday, and even others that weren’t in the WhatsApp group decided to come. Total revenue was $8,000 (that’s more than she makes in two months).
This works well in countries where people use WhatsApp. I realize that may not be the case in the US, but in most countries, WhatsApp is the most used texting app (i.e. Europe, South America, etc).
Obviously, there are many more details that I’m not allowed to share here, that increases conversion rates (I’m not the creator of the method). But this is the framework that you can use.
It works well for Black Friday, launching new products, company’s anniversary, etc. Any special occasion.

P.S. I am not the creator of the method nor I’m promoting anything here (his course is not even available in English). It was created by a guy named Talles Quinderé in Brazil, and it has generated over 15 million dollars in sales so far, with many 6 figure launches.
Now I’m going to partner up with other businesses (with bigger audiences) for one-time launches and keep doing it for them.

Happy sales everyone and let me know if you use it!

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