Depends what is your objective. E.g if you run your resort, your goal should be to get the property listed on every single travel website and directory you can think of, and start focusing on reviews.

Both seo can help you to retain your brand citation while Facebook can give you brand awareness in a quick time. SEO is the long play, can’t beat the quality. Paid Social/Search is the lead gen/ branding quick play, AB testing, extend your audience, test repeat and optimize.

Neither matters unless you know how to address your consumer’s needs in an authentic & human way. Also, note that majority of your consumers won’t convert straight away. Send them on a journey where they get served a series of different messages tailored to each stage of the buyer cycle. Just make sure it’s value that you’re offering upfront (NOT an sales pitch).

No single channel lives alone in marketing3Hide or report this

  • Rory Ramsden That is the truth.. and there is another way to do content marketing than following the old slow seo route which costs dimes on the dollar and get’s your content seen by the most important people… The ones in your funnel

Use FB paid advertising to boost and accelerate your SEO efforts.

seo is time advertising is money- Time+Money=equa

Depends on what you’re good at. There are people who are crushing it with fb ads and there are people who are crushing it with SEO.

But there’s so much more available with FB ads than getting traffic to your blog.

Do that first and get some reviews—even if it’s like 5 on one big site, then emphasize that in your first round of Facebook ads.

FPA for quick results – SEO is a long term game. Seo is a long term strategy, paid ads is short term. For seo to be really effective you need to spend a lot of time on it and you’ll only see results maybe after. A couple years

  •  Facebook! SEO takes a while.Hide or report this
  • Faraaz Shaikh Both have their own benefits and cannot be compared2Hide or report this
  • Perry Blouin Depends on the traffic and conversions… no matter what they say… it’s still about the Benjamins.Hide or report this
  • Markus Hellwich Always and for all time ads because you control the traffic -> seo is more passive but in the end it depends on your goalHide or report this
  • Andrejs Zolotovskovs 1. Understand the difference between push and pull marketing. SEO is pull, ads are push. Choose the best channel for what you have. 2. Understand customer needstate. Facebook users are good for impulse buys and remarketing. Google users are usually pas…See More8Hide or report this
  • Shujat Alam SEO will give you organic traffic while FB paid ads will re direct inorganic traffic to your webpage.
    Conversion rate of organic traffic is more than inorganic as people use google search for some real problem that they are facing. But SEO takes quite a long time while Google PPC and FB ads are for prompt actions.1Hide or report this
  • Bob Jones Yes.1Hide or report this
  • Steve Lee Totally different. SEO is a long term goal and win that we should all aspire too, Facebook is an instant stimulation whatever the customer journey and can support SEO if you have everything in place.2Hide or report this
  • Tushar Dey If anyone work with any agency for the same,
    It would be good if you pls share the proposal on my email
    tusharjain060@gmail.com1Hide or report this
    • Manish Pandey Tushar Dey check inboxHide or report this
    • Hritik Bakshi Tushar Dey I am currently building my portfolio and case studies so I can do Facebook ads for you without any charge for a spicified time period but you have to pay for ads spend. And as I have taken courses for this I know everything about Facebook ads. So let me know if you are interestedHide or report this
  • Ben Millar Should be doing a combination of both.1Hide or report this
  • Manish Pandey I will suggest SEO. IF you need any help in this service, pm me.
    We are a reputed digital marketing service provider in India.
    Visit adbazzar.in1Hide or report this
  • Blake Waterford Whichever you are more skilled at1Hide or report this
  • Livia Vlaicu It depends on what you’re trying to do. Obviously, both are very important, but what’s the immediate outcome you want to create?Hide or report this
  • Dexter Andrew Donnelly Should be both. 
    First one will bring you reach. 
    Second one will help you appear in searches. …See More1Hide or report this
  • Sally Hendrick Both, but at a minimum make sure your tracking is installed ASAP for both. 

    Set up retargeting sales cart ads and brand awareness ads for FB and drop small amounts per day on those. If you want to really invest, put most of your money on lead gen ads for FB.1Hide or report this
  • Echo Hu SEO takes longer timeHide or report this
  • Selim Chehimi Both SEO long term strategy, while you are doing fb ads1Hide or report this
  • Jess Riches Both. One is faster and honestly, easier. And it’s not SEO.2Hide or report this
  • Gert Mellak Don’t forget users are in completely different moments of the customer journey, with SEO you target people actively searching – right now – for something, Facebook can help you with smart targetting and content filters to find people that are in the market right now, but they might be in a different state of mind when seeing your ad.1Hide or report this
  • Dan Sim Depends what your industry is and what you are selling or the service you do. 
    Some industries you can’t do Facebook Ads. 
    SEO is the highest converting channel though 😜Hide or report this
  • Ady Bruce SEO will always take the longest. Why aren’t you considering whether Google Ads or Facebook ads is the right way?Hide or report this
  • Paul HF Both.3Hide or report this
  • Vanessa Dillon SEO is long term and FB Ads quick turn around1Hide or report this
  • Jade Resuera Tuico Both or depends on your businessif it’s B2C. For B2B LinkedIn is the best.Hide or report this
  • Stephen Grant-Jones SEO is the long game, PPC is instant.Hide or report this
  • Dyema Lamar You at minimum need SEO, but my answer is both.Hide or report this
  • Curtis Moore Both.

    But if you have to pick one then the answer depends on your needs and goals.1Hide or report this
  • Brian Ortiz beneficial to who?
  • For quick results Paid ads, Facebook and Google ads. For long term high quality leads, go with SEO, be prepared to wait up to 3 to 6 months for page 1 rankings though, it will also depend on how competitive your market is. SEO is a different game compared to how it was 5 years ago.2Hide or report this
  • Erika Bonanni I would say both …1Hide or report this
  • Derek Tsuboi Should be focusing on both but Facebook short term will provide immediate rev and SEO will be a longer play on return.1Hide or report this
  • Ashish Agarwal If you want instant result paid is good, but for long run you need SEO.Hide or report this
  • Tom Niez Depends where your audience isHide or report this
  • Carl Bishop Depends on a variety of things. Including your niche, needs, goals, priorities, budget… 

    I agree with most of the above that, from a generic perspective, a balanced approach is good (i.e. leveraging both); however, SEO won’t always fit the needs or provide the ROI that FB will, making it arguably a waste of budget. The same goes for FB. There are a lot of variables to consider behind that question and a universal answer doesn’t exist so each scenario will be distinctly different in how you allocate budget to both avenues, or whether you allocate solely to one or the other.Hide or report this
  • Loni Mayse BothHide or report this
  • Lilan Margaret Chen Like bike and car!Hide or report this
  • Jesterdan Cabrera SEO for long term and FB ads for short term resultsHide or report this
  • Zach Paone Both. SEO will get users to your site. Facebook pixel will tag them and to will be able to retargeting the ones who leave your site without purchasing when they go back to Facebook. One of the simplest ways to make any business that has search traffic double their revenue

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