Aniviya is an art based business in India and it’s majorly Origami. This brand started out in the year 2015 and the aim is to make something eccentric, something for the whole world to recognise.
“My biggest aim is to sell my products internationally” -Anita
@aniviya on instagram to see her awesome works.
QUESTION: Tell me about yourself.
ANSWER: My name is Anita Malviya.
I’m 24 year old. Graduated and post graduated in commerce and after that I have started my own Origami business in 2015 November. Love to do crafts, DIY, decorations and all types of art work. And I always want to learn many more art forms.

QUESTION: ANIVIYA started 2015. How has it been since then?
ANSWER: I have faced lot of struggles and disappointment. In India people don’t know much about Origami so when I started my business I didn’t have any Orders. Slowly slowly with Instagram, I reached to many people and they started liking my work.
But still, People don’t know much about Origami. Every person’s first question is it’s made up of paper so it will get ruined very easily.
I found many many people who really really appreciate my work.

QUESTION: So, what’s origami art?
ANSWER: Origami is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. This art is all about paper and paper folding. Lots and lots of manual work

QUESTION: Do you have Co-workers? Do you teach and how often do you take classes?
ANSWER: For now, I’m alone in my business. I’m eagerly waiting to have Co-workers but for that I need more orders. Till now, I can manage orders by myself. And I’m not taking any classes. I belong to a very small town..( which I love the most 😄).

QUESTION: Do you have customers outside India?
ANSWER: No. Many people outside India are interested.

QUESTION: if a lot of people are interested, why haven’t you worked towards nationwide delivery?
ANSWER: I’m trying to open my store on Etsy but shipping charges are very high. Etsy is the international site in which all handmade products are bought and sold.

QUESTION: Despite all these challenges, what keeps you moving? Shipping, low acceptability and recognition of Origami as a form of art. Passion?
ANSWER: Yes it’s my passion.
I just love to do craft works.

QUESTION: Do you have something to say? Advice or anything.
ANSWER: Everyone is an expert in their own way so just follow your passion. And love your work.

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