Beautyandthebrowz is a brand that focuses mainly on makeup as a form of art. The Journey began in the year 2015 by Owoeye Odunayo a 400 level student of the department of Human Nutrition, University of Ibadan. She loves being creative and food especially.
Am odunayo..the last of 2 children..i love God,children,traveling,talking and having fun..
I love colours and enjoy creating them..
My brand aims at adding sparks and glitz to every face we makeup..Making that woman feel good and better about herself…boasting confidence and making you stand out wherever u are.
Bringing out the beauty in you and in the process still making you look like you but extra you..(an extra “you” never hurt nobody😉)

QUESTION: What’sthe name of your brand?
ANSWER: Beautyandthebrowz

QUESTION: I like 😎
What gave birth to Beautyandthebrowz?
And when
ANSWER: Uhmm….my passion for art, colours and makeup
Have always loved drawing since I was a kid and the first time I made someone up(even tho it was terrible..Lool)
But at that moment i knew i was meant to be doing this(no jokes)
So i started making people up for fun and eventually got a brand name and started my career as a mua
Uhmm about 2 years ago

QUESTION: 2 years ago
That’s 2015.
Describe the journey?
Well the journey has been one hell of a journey.
From how I would literally beg people to pay me #500 to do their makeup to how I had a tough time convincing people that I could actually do their makeup and then I started to gain people’s trust enough for them to pay me whatever I asked don’t get me wrong,it wasn’t all about the money at first and the fact that people were willing to even pay me for my services meant a lot to me.
It hasn’t been easy at all especially when I am a self taught mua so basically everything i know I learnt from Google,you tube and the internet in general and yes there have been time when I was stuck but God kept me going(no jokes)I believe he has a plan for me in this business.
So in between all this..I have been nominated for different awards and won some so yeah this little girl with great dreams is just getting started…
Woo…my hands hurt..Lool

QUESTION: Where do you see BBpro in 5 years from now?
ANSWER: Wow…if I was to answer? I would say a well known mua,beating and slaying faces and all..but then God’s purposes and we men plan.
Like i said I believe God has a plan for me in this business and every day I spend being as a mua,I understand why I was there in the first yeah I would Def be a well known mua bt in between all this God is Def going to use me greatly for his kingdom!

QUESTION: Considering the fact that a lot of people are delving into this make up artistry of a thing, in your own ability how do you stand out? I’m sure it’s not easy especially when you are good at what you do.
ANSWER: Yes oo…everyone is now a makeup artist..
Like people should.chill ke!
But my niche is not only in my skills bt also in the way i relate with my clients..i have seen a lot of mua and how they relate with their clients and i must tell u i am always very disappointed…the way i relate with my clients is why they always come back and also i always deliver…a flawless skin is what am always after and that’s key for every mua

QUESTION: What else do you do asides makeup?
ANSWER: Uhmm…I cook..all my friends call me foodie..Lool
So yes I cook and even have a food brand called DinDin express..its still budding so expect to hear more of it soon.
I also volunteer at NGOs and also have one that i am heading which is called Save our soul(SOS) and Making a difference incorporated(MAD inc)..
I also write and blog when I am less busy and inspired to.

QUESTION: Can we get a sneak peek into DinDin express? 😉
ANSWER: Lool…okay its a food company that deals with the need of satisfying peoples urge for good food at an affordable rate and we deliver too!!
We have a variety of recipe lined up..
And like d name says…dindin express..fries,grills and chops.
We start officially next week by Gods grace and we would be having a giveaway too so head on to @dindinexpress on ig to win and help broadcast the gist..

QUESTION: Back to make up
Have you taught anyone else?
ANSWER: Yup i have
A no of peeps actually

QUESTION: On a scale of 0-100%, where would you place your customer’s satisfaction?
ANSWER: Uhmm i would say 75/80%

QUESTION: You got anything else say?
ANSWER: Uhmm okay..
There is this quote that has being with me since i was little *its only those who fail that are successful*
So believe in yourself and don’t let peoples word get to you cause people will say all sort bt you have to stay strong and hold on to that which you trust and believe in..
Whatever faith you have/are hold on to it…for me its Jesus and he is all i have!

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