Q: So, what’s your name and brand’s name?
A: I’m Adedamola Okubanjo. Brand name is Get Baked Ng.

Q: Your job role?
A: Co-founder.

Q: Co-founder! Interesting. Who is/are the other founding member(s)?
A: We are two co-founders. My partner is Ayotunde Matti. He is the face of the brand while I’m the brain. He does most of the presentations and public speaking about the brand while I handle documentations, brand material designs and marketing communications.

Q: When did the business start?
A: We had our first event on September 17, 2016 which I will consider as our start date because that was the first day we had proof that our concept will work.

Q: Why was this business created?
A: The business was created to connect vendors of baked goods (which we the co-founders are fans of) to customers. While also making sure the customers have fun at the events.

Q: What incident ignited the spark to start the business?
A: We the co-founders were serving in Ibadan at the time and we were very sociable guys. We also shared the motivation that entrepreneurship was a good way to develop ourselves and our community. We were business minded guys.
We also loved attending events together, so when I got the idea to start an event that focuses mainly on baked goods and also bringing the fun I approached him with it and he came on board immediately. So my idea and the synergy between us brought the business to life.

Q: So, what does your work activities entail?
A: Basically, we plan events in different locations in Nigeria. We have had editions in Lagos and Ibadan so far.
So I keep the social media running, we look out for partners also in the media, events space, creative industry to partner with.
We connect with potential vendors also and also do some vetting of the vendor so as to make sure they are good in the craft of baking, Just to make sure their offerings are top-notch.

Q: What’s your Unique Selling Proposition?
A: Our unique selling proposition will be that our events are focused baked goods from top-notch vendors which the public come to savor from the variety available.
We are also able to attract a good crowd to the event for the vendor to make good sales and increase the awareness to their brand than they would have been able to by themselves.
The customers love our events because there are so much fun stuff to do at the event.

Q: How many employees form the team and what are their respective roles?
A: For now we have no employees as we do not currently need to. All the commitments and partnerships are covered by the both of us.
Though we have people we call on from event to event. We have volunteers that assist us too when needed.

Q: Do you use the services of a professional accountant and legal practitioner?
A: Not yet. We are still early stage that’s why. However I’m looking at using some online tools to track money and for better accounting.

A: What’s your brand’s marketing strategy and what has been the most successful form of marketing?
Our major marketing campaign strategy is social (lnstagram, Twitter and Facebook) . Our target audience which are the cool kids, sociable and will attend and spend at our events. We also partner with popular websites to promote our events. We do mainstream and niche websites. We get influencers to promote the events. We distribute fliers and do campus/nysc publicity also.
Most successful form of marketing will be lnstagram so far.

A: What are the top 3 skills needed to be successful in this line of business?
Top 3 skills will be organization skills – keeping track of everything that needs to be done. Digital marketing skills – spread the word far and wide to your target audience. People skills (where I appreciate my partner) – how to meet people and convince them to come on board with you and how to keep them happy when they are on board.

Q: Excluding yours, what company/business do you admire?
A: I will say Mente de moda, eat drink Lagos.

Q: Where do you see the business in 5, 10 and 20 years?
A: In 5 yrs, i see us having events regularly in at least 4 states in Nigeria and being recognized and partnering with big media houses, big influencers and celebrities, and making big and effective marketing campaigns.
I see us opening our first store in 5 years too.
In 10 years, we should be looking at hosting events outside Nigeria. In the UK/Canada/US and South Africa.
In 20 years, we should have grown our store outlets, gotten some major franchises and should be giving the company new direction. We might be listed on the Nigerian stock exchange even.

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