House of Martins is an event planning organisation which has started for a while but is fresh in the University of Ibadan. Some of the aims of this organisation as stated by the CEO Martins-Leye Victor are;
– To provide catering and event management services, that has not been experienced in the industry at affordable rates.
– To become the premier choice for corporate and government events, for event planning and brandling…
– To incorporate event management research and development functions in the company in the first five years. To be a company admired for its values,and standards to all our clients.

QUESTION: Tell me about yourself.
ANSWER: My name is Martins-Leye Victor, a 300 level student of the University of Ibadan. I hail from Ilesha in osun state, and am the CEO of House of Martins event planning organization, which just started officially in the University of Ibadan. Meaning we have been hosting some events, but it just started in the University recently.

We’ll be focusing on your brand.
What’s House of Martins all about?
ANSWER: Well, House of Martins is an exceptional event planning organization committed to fully serving our clients in what ever event we are in charge of..
We offer exceptional services in decoration, catering, lights, photography, sound and everything that our clients want.
So the only thing you have to do on that day is look good, take a deep breath and enjoy your event and we will take care of the rest.

QUESTION: When exactly did you start?
How was the first event you ever planned?
ANSWER: December 2015.
It was a Christmas celebration.
Ok, the first event, it wasn’t really planned I must confess, it was a family function,and I took charge of everything, I was so surprised at how it turned out, and since then I have been doing my thing. I also got so many commendations afterwards, it was really fulfilling

QUESTION: I understand that you are just starting within the university, how has the acceptance been for your business?
ANSWER: Wow, every business has it’s good times and otherwise.
The acceptance has been quite fair to some extent, you know we have to deal with the excos of faculties, halls, and department,some just don’t really pay attention to how well the event should turn out, all they want is that the event must hold, so they really don’t see the need to hire an event planner to spice the event
But to some extent, for a start, I think it’s been wonderful and great.

QUESTION: Impressive.
You mentioned a lot of services provided by Houseof Martins earlier, how did you get all those?
Photographer, caterers, people in charge of decorations and all others.
ANSWER: Well, House of Martins is an organization that has different sections in it, so we just have standby vendors that makes up the organization and they work with us on every event we plan, and trust me they are one of the very best in their fields.

QUESTION: Okay. But…
I’m concerned about how you, let me say employed them. Was there a form of screening or you just reached out to people you already know?
How did it go?
ANSWER: There was screening apparently, we had to ensure they were fit for the job, so there was a screening in which the board members decided on which vendors are qualified to be a part of the team.

QUESTION: Where do you see house of Martins in 5 years from now?
ANSWER: Wow..Big
I mean a lot would have improved, from our services to our client, growth, immense growth, not just financially but also inner mind fulfilment.

QUESTION: How do you plan to stand out from the numerous event planners in the world generally?
ANSWER: Well.. we have many event planners in the world,and everyone is actually creative and okay in his wat, so we would just create a relationship with our clients, not the regular event planner to client relationship, but more than that, before and after the events, and we are very much open to analyzing critically what our clients want.

QUESTION: Do you make use of the social media?
If so, how has it been of help?
ANSWER: Yes, we do, and trust me social media network has a great influence on the growth of our business,it’s an avenue to make yourself known in your field.. you could also follow us on the our social media handle below
Facebook@ house of martins
Twitter@house of martins
Whatsapp no: 08160560326 09093200032, 08103963301, 08137396105.

QUESTION: What else do you have to keep say?
ANSWER: Finally, House of Martins is just the perfect event planner for your events, let’s take care of your events and you will be definitely glad..House of Martins can only get better

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