HueNation Graphics is a brand concerned with adding colours to dream. They also believe in creating identity and awareness for businesses. This brand started out in the year 2014. The CEO of HueNation Graphics is Amos Adejimi, a graduate of the University of Ibadan. He studied Teacher education(English/history), he’s a writer, head designer of HueNation Graphics and a teacher.
QUESTION: Why graphics?
ANSWER: Thank you. Graphics is an art that I have passion for and it is something I have been involved in as far back as secondary school. I chose graphics because it is that visual art that helps you create identities for individuals and organisations.
I chose graphics also because it is related to writing in the sense that it expresses feelings and ideas but not through pen. While words are the medium of expression in writing, colours, shapes, lines and texts are the mediums of expression in graphics

QUESTION: How did you learn graphics? Did you attend a lot of classes or you worked with you tube
ANSWER: I attended some classes and also watch lots of videos. The learning process hasn’t stopped though
I learn from friends who are graphics designers too

QUESTION: You started three years ago, how was the beginning?
ANSWER: The beginning was not too cool but was fun too.
Let me just say that at the beginning, I did many free jobs for the love of graphics and to get more clients

QUESTION: Were you able to get enough clients?
TOA Group, ProtectOzone Initiative, Prime Stone Educational Services, Ezra Educational Group, Sheba’s Hair, Moguls World Magazine, UCJUI among others.

QUESTION: What were the challenges you faced?
ANSWER‬: Managing the business with school and other activities, clients refusal to pay for jobs done and undervaluing of my services by some clients. Some clients believe that since graphics designing is “soft work” fees charged should be extremely cheap.

QUESTION: With the current position of HueNation Graphics now, can you call it a success?
ANSWER‬: Yes. It is a success because through HueNation, we have been able to help build brands, make some people’s dream come true among many success stories. However, HueNation isn’t there yet. There are still lots of dreams to add colours to. And of course, the bank account is not smiling enough yet. 🙂

QUESTION: Do you make use of the social media?
ANSWER: Not really for now. We have an Instagram page though, @HueNationGraphics.
We are working on having someone to manage the page.

QUESTION: Moving on
Where do you see HueNation Graphics in 5 years?
ANSWER: A media company that would have evolved into a branding company with world class services.

QUESTION: Have you also had the opportunity to teach other people?
Many times

QUESTION: You don’t really need coworkers, do you?
ANSWER: I have a partner
And some 2 interns

QUESTION: Can you rate the satisfaction of your customers based on feedbacks?
I will be truthful to you.
I can remember a case of a client who didn’t like what we designed at all. So, we did another design

Was that embarrassing?
ANSWER: No. but it was frustrating
The client has been a Good “asset” to the company however.

Thank you for your time and cooperation

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