Neverz Attic started initially as Neverson’s Panoply in the year 2014 when the CEO, Adewunmi Yussuf was in her final year in the University. She is 25 years old, second of six kids, she’s from Lagos state. A Christian & a graduate of Lagos state university where she got a degree in English literature. A lover of art and life.
Adewunmi is a reader who also takes time to write when the muse is gracious enough to bless her with her presence. She’s loves RADIO.
QUESTION: What’s the main aim of Neverz Attic?
ANSWER: Neverz Attic specializes & caters to fashion needs that are peculiar to individuals who like to stand out irrespective of the sex, age or social standing. The aim is to provide products are as non cliche as possible making every client stand out whilst being pocket friendly.

QUESTION: Neverson’s Panoply, Neverz Attic.
These two names sounds nice, how did you come up with them?
ANSWER: Panoply because at the time I was into a lot of things no particular area of focus so to speak. Shoes, sandals, accessories make up etc
Neverson is an old English name, Scottish origin I believe, which I chose fr myself. It means a saint. Panoply means an impressive collection of things
The name Neverson wasn’t chosen because I think I’m a saint but because just as saints are remembered solely for the good in them so would I also want to be remembered. Also I have a sentimental attachment to the name because of a certain person that goes by the same name

QUESTION: You started in your final year.
I’m trying to imagine how you combined the stress of projects and all with your business.
What were the challenges you faced?
ANSWER: The main issue was the the financial constrain. It was really tricky keeping the business afloat
At a point I had to put in on hold. Especially when I was writing my project. I continued while doing a graduate trainee program at a media house. Running an online business was also tricky cos people weren’t/still aren’t very open to online businesses for fear of being defrauded. At a point courier services weren’t exactly helping. Sometimes goods got lost in transit etc

What exactly do you do in Neverz Attic?
Let’s say I want to tell someone about it, how do I put it
ANSWER‬: Neverz Attic Is a fashion brand that specializes mostly in thrift (because we like our clients to feel special & the products are exclusive to them) fashion accessories such as sunglasses, bracelets, earrings, rings etc

QUESTION: How do you get your products?
Are they all locally or internationally made?
ANSWER: Both internationally and locally.

QUESTION: And how do you get the ones that come from abroad?
Do you have friends and family over there or you place orders based on request?
ANSWER‬: I place orders as the spirit leads (lol) and yes sometimes based on request.

QUESTION: On a scale of 0-10, how satisfied can you say your customers are based on feedbacks?
ANSWER‬: 8 just so I don’t sound cocky. People like things That they don’t get to see on many people.

QUESTION: Modest uh😃
Where do you see Neverz Attic in 5 years from now?
ANSWER: Production of our own fashion accessories using locally sourced materials thereby helping to build our own economy whilst being a force to be reckoned with in the fashion and beauty industry.

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