Olivia hails from Imo state, a 400l student studying Zoology in the University of Ibadan. A model and co CEO of an ushering agency which is still in view. In a recently conducted interview, she talks about her big dreams and some challenges within her one year journey in the industry.
“I want to change people’s perspective about how they see themselves. Most people consider themselves as unfit for modelling because we don’t meet up to the standards. The plumpsized girls, the short girls blah blah. Modelling can make ignorant ones do some serious health damages and psychological damages to themselves. And I also need to make my folks proud” -Olivia.
QUESTION: So we’ll be focusing mainly on your modelling career. When did you start?
ANSWER: I started officially last year with ibadan style and fashion week.

QUESTION: Have you always wanted to be a model? Or what exactly made you choose this path?
ANSWER: I’ve always loved taking pictures since when I was little and would always practice poses and all in my room… Decided to make it a biggie by going into it professionally.
And photography is something that has come to stay. It’s very easy to get people’s attention with pictures. Felt I could impact in my own little way through pictures.

QUESTION: You started officially with Ibadan style and fashion week. Wow! Do you mind sharing how it went? Personally I can’t imagine hitting the runway, how did you feel?
ANSWER: it was quite an experience!… The audition was okay, I had to learn how to walk like few minutes before my turn… I was picked … Tho we weren’t paid… I saw it as a way to expose myself

QUESTION: Have you had other opportunities after that?
ANSWER: Yeah. Just that most fashion shows in Ibadan especially , don’t pay models.. Or even give them the credits they deserve… They feel they are the ones doing us the favour.

QUESTION: I’ve noticed that a lot of people are really interested in going into modelling as a career. How does Olivia plan to ace her game?
ANSWER: Modelling today is super competitive. It’s like everybody wakes up and decided to become a model. I’ve tried agencies, I’ve lost count sef… They are either not satisfied with my statistics or their agency fee is too outrageous. Right now, I need a good and competent agent… And I also need to move to lag…

QUESTION: Let’s say politics have entered into this industry too. It is well.
So, what’s up with lagos?
ANSWER: Lagos is way better than ibadan. All the agencies that have replied my applications kept asking me to come to lag. So I think the real deal is in lag.

QUESTION: Alright. Good luck maami.
Let me ask this.
How’s the support generally? From friends and especially your family.
ANSWER: Friends are pretty supportive and they are also in the competition. My folks don’t really know about the whole modelling story yet. If they find out, I’ll b dealt with seriously. They’ll prolly goan marry me to someone. I pray they see some really cool commercials I did, and decide by themselves.

QUESTION: Where do you see yourself in, say 5 years?
ANSWER: An internationally known supermodel with over a thousands commercial and runway shows slayed back to back. Settled down with family of hers n running big commercial centres and philanthropic services round the world.

QUESTION: What’s your take on life?
ANSWER: We should all live, and stop worrying about how to live well.. Life is pretty short… Live, laugh and love.
Currently in need of an agent, Olivia can be contacted via her Social Media platforms.

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