Remarkable brands started over a year ago by Oladejo Romoke, a final year student of the departmentof Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan. This comprises an accessory line and an ushering agency (@remarkable_ushers and @remarkable_accessories). She’s a young lady full of passion for both her job and the society at large.
Remarkable ushers keeps you coordinated… No stress… No hassle…
Remarkable ushers …we do our job, you enjoy the party
Remarkable accessories keeps you graceful with no extra cost
My two businesses are built on affordability… Some of my clientele wonder why I am able to deliver such quality at low prices. -Romoke

QUESTION: When did everything remarkable start?
Did they start at the same time?
ANSWER: Remarkable started in my third year at the university and the Two trade didn’t start together. They developed out of personality and my passion.
For remarkable ushers, it started with my discovery of a skill which I had and I thought of adding value to. I have always Volunteered at events to help coordinate and I always get called back to come do it again and again.
But the experience actually became a reality at my faculty dinner when the whole event was turned upside down due to lack of proper management called ushering service. Ushers are event savers just like lifeguards prevent drowning. I therefore took that skill that I had and added value to it and so far the story has been great.
Remarkable accessories started like a fancy, I love accessories and this was noticed by friends, family and classmates who kept asking how I get amazing pieces at low cost. Some of them started sending me to help them get items like the one I wore and from there, I started buying more and it was selling more.
I branded it remarkable accessories and I still run this business till date.
I enjoy doing this two things because they stem out of my passion.

QUESTION: So, the passion…really good
What were the challenges you faced when you started?
ANSWER: Clientele especially for remarkable ushers.
I had to introduce a new foncept especially to students for their dinner… Some of them feel like getting ushers is wasting their money but I convinced some of them with free service at first and they later had a change of mind.
Another challenge was bouncers, students felt like bouncers were enough, forgetting that we have different functions.
It’s like comparing your Gateman to the cook.
For remarkable accessories, lots of my friends were advising me to get a shop but I knew that was going to cost me more…it would take out of my initial capital. So I had to make a choice,, whether I was willing to do the legwalk of taking it from place to place or to rent a shop and be static.
I choose the hard way and till now I sell my accessories in my hostel and class.

QUESTION: So, how’s everything now?
ANSWER: Much better as we now offer our services to a larger clientele. Weddings, burials several events.
Remarkable ushers presently has over 30 persons signed under it which includes both students and non students of my institutions. I am the only one running remarkable accessories with the help of a few friends and colleagues who continually makes referrals for me.

QUESTION: How often do you get to be in charge of events?
ANSWER: As often as I am referred or get talking with someone who is organising an event.
I take my A game to the negotiation table and we win some and lose some.
That’s life!

QUESTION: In terms of location, have you started going far or you are just operating within Ibadan for now?
ANSWER: Ibadan is the main place for now..
Like o said the two businesses started last year and the cost of travelling for ushering involves slot… Insurance… Risk of travelling etc.
But when I am done with school, I intend to expand my customer base through deliveries for Remarkable accessories

QUESTION: Where do you see Remarkable brands in 5 years?
ANSWER: Becoming a brand to reckon with…and expanding the accessories to international products that would be affordable
I also hope that investors would come in to help expand it to have presence in several locations of the country
I hope that remarkable ushers would have served as a lesson for students that you can engage in profitable trade which doesn’t involve selling your body. Making money legally as a student is not as difficult as they make it seem…. Look for a need and satisfy it kn the smallest way you can

QUESTION: Do you make use of the social media? How has it helped?
ANSWER: Both business have social media pages both on facebook and instagram. I have to say at this point that it is a better exposure but even this media now ask you to pay for promotions to get a wider audience.
You can holla at us on @remarkable_ ushers or at @remarkable_accessories

QUESTION: How’s the relationship with your clients?
ANSWER: A lot of them enjoy my products and always come back for me and for that I give God the glory. For remarkable ushers, I continually speak to prospective clients and also rely on referrals which comes pretty often.

For amazing jewelries that do not tear your pockets… Shop at Remarkable accessories.
Looking to handle it all over… Use Remarkable ushers for your events and ball in style

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