Samoa’s Treats started in August, 2016 by Mariam Aderonke Shonoiki who is an entrepreneur into foods and beverages. Samoa’s Treats does both indoor and outdoor events. Their products and services include cakes, cocktails, desserts, finger foods, fruit trees and kebabs, foods, chops and grills.
• To provide market friendly product and services that are affordable by all without compromising the quality of our standards using the most quality products
• To be amongst the top three catering services for our target market here in Lagos state
• To offer our various clients a high sense of professionalism infused with fun in our work.
• To be the upmost catering services with the customers spread across the states and desire to grow international build our passion for excellent services delivery
• Hiring competent and capable professionals to carry out their duties with minimal supervision
• We also will ensure we stay abreast of current industry trends so that we would be able to give our customers the best always.
QUESTION: What’s Samoa’s Treats all about?
ANSWER: Samoa’s treats is a wholely indigenous catering services with niche for local and international market. Samoa’s treats offers varieties of well crafted cakes, cocktails, desserts, finger foods, fruit tree and kebabs, small chops and many more careful prepared under a well hygienic condition.
We love to put smile on customer faces and by doing that they come back and refer us to people if they need our services.

QUESTION: How did you come up with the name of your brand?
ANSWER: Actually
It’s the first letter of my names.
QUESTION: How has it been since last year August? The challenges and all.
ANSWER: I thank God
Moving bit by bit
Every business face challenges and I still face challenges till now

QUESTION: Where do you operate?
ANSWER: Ikorodu.
Still operate from home.

How wide has delivery gotten?
You sure have customers outside ikorodu.
ANSWER‬: I work more outside ikorodu
Not too far tho, still trying my best to get customers.

QUESTION: Do you make use of the social media?
ANSWER: Yes, I do.

QUESTION: And how has it been of help to you?
ANSWER‬: Can’t boost of my social media with sales yet
But I still post and hope to get customers from my post.

QUESTION: Consistency is important in businesses like this
With the feedbacks you’ve gotten from customers since you began, how will you rate their satisfaction on a scale of 0-10?
ANSWER‬: Have gotten great feedback won’t lie

QUESTION: Let’s talk about your recipes
Do you have recipes you created specially or you just make use of random ones and transform it?
ANSWER: I add touches to the recipes I know to make it different from others. I don’t use the basic recipes becos I will always add something to it to make it special.

Do you have Co-workers now?
ANSWER‬: Yes my waiters

QUESTION: Interesting
Is it safe to assume that you get to work with event planners when it comes to providing food at birthdays, weddings and all
ANSWER: Have not been able to get an event planner to work with because all event planner tell you they have pending vendors they haven’t attended to but they will call you wen job comes
Most jobs I do for weddings are always person
Mayb some1 refer me to the bride or groom

QUESTION: Where do you see Samoa’s Treats in 5 years from now?
ANSWER‬: We would have develop a sustainable start up business
Create job opportunities for people
Develop enough cash flow to pay people’s salary
Have a strong customer base
Then we can think of expansion.

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