Yayanfitness Array is an health and fitness brand that started in the year 2015 by Abioye Opeyemi, a 500 level student of the department of Statistics, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. His passion for wellness has kept him moving through the years. He hails from Ibadan, he loves to meet new people, he’s a dancer and choreographer who’s into fitness. (@yayanfitness_array)
Yayanfitness array is aimed at making fitness and healthy living a lifestyle to people in the environment.
QUESTION: What has it been like for Yayanfitness array since 2015?
ANSWER: It has been good and we’ve been able to make impact on lives, though we had some challenges of getting people of ogbomoso to get involved,but we were still able to influence few students into fitness and wellness in the year 2015 and 2016. In the year 2017, wr were able to organize a 12week body transformation program, we had a nutrition forum day, and brought a certified nutritionist Olorunfemi Faleke to influence ogbomoso people and student. We were able to have the attendance of 30people in which we had 5 adult(parent) that came for the program and they really loved it and thanked our brand,also asked us to get them involved we next we want to organise such in ogbomoso.

Do you operate outside ogbomoso too?
ANSWER: Yea,I do operate outside ogbomoso,if called to take fitness classes.
I was once called from owucrown hotel in ibadan,to take their client dance fitness and body massage. They really loved the body massage

You do Body massage too
Wow! Do you get to work with people personally?
ANSWER: Yes, I do.

QUESTION: What has kept you moving?
You said there was the challenge of getting people to partake in your fitness classes and all.
ANSWER: What kept me moving is;
1)the passion I have for exercise even when I don’t get paid for it.
2)the faith I have in it.
3)everybody always want a healthy life and desire to motivate them to get it.

QUESTION: Do you have embarrassing moments as far as your career is concerned? If yes, do you care to share?
ANSWER: Yeah, I have.
When I first started @ dkit hotel in 2015, one guy came to challenge me in fitness, tried to bring me down in the presence of everyone there,but thanks to God I was able to overcome.

QUESTION: How do you see life?
ANSWER: I see life as a gift and a place to express the talent God has given to me.
Just be positive and have faith in God

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