Scenario A
Product: Candy
Price: N300,000
Potential customer buzzes you…
Potential customer: I want it. Send your account
You: Alert received. Thank you.
End of transaction.
Scenario B
Product: Candy
Price: N30
Potential customer buzzes you…
Potential customer (PC): Is it properly wrapped?
You: Yes.
PC: Is it sweet? I mean, really sweet?
You: As sweet as candy should be.
PC: Can I come and see it before I pay?
You: It’s an online business.
PC: But what if it is not sweet?
You: It is sweet.
PC: What if the wrapping is bad?
You: It is properly wrapped.
PC: What if I react to its sweetness?
You: ???
PC: Is it made with strawberry? Because I react
to strawberry.
You: No strawberry.
PC: Can I taste a sample first before I buy?
You: No samples.
PC: Ok. So how much last?
You: It is N30.
PC: I don’t know if I have N30 now. Anyway, thank you. I’ll buzz you when I want to buy.
You: *pull your hair out*
In business, look for one person who can buy your one million naira product.
Just one person.
Trying to get one million people to buy your one naira product requires more work and less money…
And if you do manage to sell to one million people, you would have diminishing health as
your reward.
Then you’d have to use all the money you made to keep yourself alive.
Make money. But think of your mental health.

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