Know the genres that make more money.
A lot of creative genres don’t make money.
That’s the truth.
If you are a graphic artist, become an Art
Art directors make 10 times more money.
I don’t know how people make money as a writer.
You have to get specific skills as a writer to earn.
As a SCRIPTwriter, you earn 10 times more than
a random writer.
You can move from N50k to N500k.
And the good thing about scriptwriting is the fact
that it is a side hustle that does not interfere at all
with a job.
Isn’t it fancy to make N500k by the side?
Some writers make twice that sum as side hustle
in a month… just because we have specific skills
as writers.
Know the genres in your industry that earns you
more! And don’t ever stop learning.
I don’t do Writers’ Associations and all that
There’s no money in hanging around writers. It’s
just plenty talk and even plentier grammar.
No time, abeg.
Study your industry. Walk alone. Make your
money and clean mouth.
Don’t just be a copywriter, become a Creative
That’s where the money is for creatives.
You can earn from N200k (as a young executive)
to N1m (as a pro) monthly.
So why be a writer and be famous for social
media page instead of being a writer with specific
earning skills.
This is 2019. Art earns higher than many
professionals – from lawyers to bankers to
Align yourself with the genres that pay.
A word of advice:
Don’t let nobody tell you shit about becoming a
consultant as a writer
Whatever the fvck that is, it is a convenient
There is no money in that delusion.
Nobody is paying anybody as a “writing
May be one or two persons at best. But it is not
a job.
There’s nothing like that with a fat cheque at the
end of the title.
It is just one of those titles where you get 3 calls
in a year and only one job that pays you N35k.
Nobody hires a jobless writer.
People call writers who are swamped with too
much work. That’s how they weigh your
And that is why it seems writers who have
income continue to have more income.
Understand the mentality of your prospective
Writing is tricky because anybody can claim to be
a writer.
Single yourself out from the crowd.
Get paid for your art.
Another thing: a lot of disrespect comes with
writing because everybody and their third cousins
believe they can write.
Turn down jobs that are disrespectful no matter
the amount.
Learn to place your art on a scale.
Call out bullshit.
Subservience and art have nothing in common.
Be professional. Be polite. Do a good job.
Do not grovel.
You will not starve.
If you are good at what you do and you put in the
work… work will find you.
All the best.

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