What dropshipping tricks for 2019 are you utilizing? It was six months after discovering dropshipping that I finally found my first profitable product.

It was an extremely hard journey and I thought about quitting many times.

I tried different types of stores, lots of products and variety of Facebook strategies and I really started doubting if I can make it work.

But I didn’t give up and as you can see it was all worth it.

Dropshipping Tricks for 2019
Dropshipping Tricks for 2019: A Marketing Trick

So I just wanted to share my perspective on a few aspects of dropshipping tricks for 2019 that I think actually matter.

So let’s start with the website.

Everyone says that in 2019 you should go with the one-product-store route etc. However, I think that it’s a bad idea if you have never found a winning product before.

If you choose the wrong product, it doesn’t matter if you have one product store or general store.

What I’m trying to say is a one product store WILL NOT magically turn your bad product into a winning product. So don’t focus on that…

Start with a general store

Find a neutral name (don’t name it “shop”, “gadget”, “deals” etc.)

Use a free theme (Don’t use debut, I think it’s a little bit “saturated” so I use Venture)

Don’t focus on making it look super special, it really doesn’t matter when you’re just starting out, just make it look clean (Use black, white & a 3rd color of your choice)

Don’t use a lot of apps when you’re just starting out: Dsers for fulfillment, Loox reviews and currency converter

Focus mostly on the product page:

Come up with some creative names for your products, for example, I do something like this: {My creative nameā„¢ – Main benefit of the product}. It not only increases conversion rate but also it makes much harder for the customer to search the product on amazon (you know people are lazy, right).

Remove taxes & shipping calculated at checkout

Dropshipping Tricks For 2019
Dropshipping Tricks For 2019:

Add “our guarantee” at the end of the description

Obviously some reviews

Make your ATC button BIG

And the most important… optimize your loading speed! If you don’t really know how to do this just hire someone from TOA.

Your creative:

Obviously, use videos

If you can’t make your videos look really professional, just outsource it to TOA

Get video content from: YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Google, Aliexpress, Alibaba

The shorter, the better but of course cover all the most important benefits AND features

Captions need to stand out & match the corresponding clip

Your video needs to have: attention grabber, problem agitator, solution and a few features

Make custom thumbnails (emojis, arrows, shadows, increase saturation of the image)

Facebook Ads:

To make a decision whether or not the product has potential you don’t need to spend more than $30 to Run ads from dummy pages

How I test: 7 adsets (7 interests) always conversion – purchase, $6/d, people who live in Top 6, 21-65, gender all, mobile feeds, 7 days click or 1 day view

Broad SINGLE interests

Do not narrow down when you’re testing

If after ~ $10 spent (depends on your product price) you have over $1 CPC & no buying intent, kill the campaign, don’t waste money

If you have a winning product, it is clear that it’s a winning product. You have great ROAS, CPM, CTR etc…

Scale with CBOs… Just take your best interests & LAAs and put them in CBO


I know it’s a really long post, but I think it’s worth to read it. If you have any questions on this dropshipping tricks for 2019, just ask I will try to answer…

I am Ore Afolayan. I think I have spoken.

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