Two African teenagers, James and Jones from the same community got a chance to meet and greet Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. 5minutes with Mark, discuss whatever you care about.

James: Good morning Sir. I have been praying to meet someone like you. I believe God has planned this meeting for me to finally talk to you. Things have been very tough for us back at home. I love computers and even programming. Its my desire to work for Facebook one day, but I cant afford school, my parents are poor and hardly have enough to eat. My siblings dropped out of school because of fees too and my mum is very sick. I dont like to burden you, but if you can help me I will be very happy and my God will bless you mightily.

Jones: Hey Mark. Its really cool to see you. Whoa. You know what I’ve followed every new product and tech acquisition you’ve made in the last 5 years. I am a front/back end engineer, I started out with JavaScript but now I roast Python for Lunch. You know that bug problem in your system, that opened up Facebook to the hackosphere vortex for which you’ve spent of $20million dollars to fix. I found a way around it. The patch I developed will save Facebook hundreds of millions of dollars in system error spend and market damage control lobbying. I am only asking for $5million for my patch if you want it.


Mark referred James to one of their directors managing their foundation efforts. He got about $2000 in support. Thats a lot of money.

Mark gave Jones an appointment. He invited some of his smartest system integrators, code writers and software developers and engineers. They looked at the patch. Good work. Facebook bought over the product for $3.5million. Thats a lifetime of money.

James appealed to Zukerberg’s sympathy.

Jones appealed to Zukerberg’s interests. Sympathy doesn’t create wealth, value does.

Just like Boyles law, the higher your volume the lower your pressure.

Temperature in life will always stay constant.

Dont blame the heat. Build the volume.

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