1. ALWAYS be creating GREAT content. ALWAYS be relevant, ALWAYS be thorough.

2. Joint venture partners are EVERYWHERE. LOOK FOR THEM.

3 Find people in your target market with BIG LISTS. Create the coolest, most awesome video, report, micro-course, or master class EVER!!. Let them sell it to their list for $20 and keep ALL the money… But you get the BUYERS LIST. RINSE AND REPEAT!!!

4 PAY to go to EVERY event you can go to. NETWORK. AND SELL!!!

5 If you can not afford to pay for the event ticket just go ANYWAY. All the real opportunities are created in the lobbies and at restaurants at the event.

6 Get to the event 2 days early. RENT A SUITE. The next day, order $500 in food and drinks and go to the lobby and pass out cards that say…

FREE PRIVATE MASTERMIND in SUITE 106 FOOD AND DRINKS ARE FREE!!!! 100 people will show up and you will be the coolest person in the room.

This reminds me of the trade show days, where exhibitors would pay thousands to exhibit at a trade show. I would hire a hotel suite near the trade show and use it as my private showroom where I’d invite buyers who were attending the trade show. At a fraction of the cost of an exhibition stand.

7 Before the event.. on Facebook sell a $47 inner circle meeting the night before the event. This will PAY for all your expenses. VIDEOTAPE the private mastermind and sell it AFTER the event. (this will pre-pay for the NEXT event)

8 You can also hold a 4-hour mastermind the day the event ends. Some people do not leave until the next day.

9 RENT a booth at the event to sell your coaching and services.

10 Offer to speak at the event for FREE and if they will not let you offer to PAY THEM to let you speak. (part of the income made from events is people actually paying to speak)

11 Make friends with and offer to FREELY help everyone you meet. EVEN your direct competition. Oh and there really is NO competition. Only future joint venture partners.

12 Do not tell people what you can DO, tell them how you can HELP THEM.

13 GIVE AWAY better content than most people sell.

14 Make the BONUSES for your course so good that you could SELL THOSE and give away the course as a bonus.

15 Be knowledgeable about EVERYTHING. Marketing, sales, list building, funnels, copywriting. You do not have to be an EXPERT but you should be able to tell the difference between something that is good and bad.

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