Do you know how To Build A Targeted Email List for Free Through Instagram?

Well, I’ve curated an easy way to build a targeted email list for FREE through Instagram!

At TOA Marketing, we have consistently been gaining an average of 50% email open rates from cold emails through this method by being relevant to our audiences.

Not only that, we have seen a high sales conversion rate purely from this cold email, without any sequencing/remarketing added to our sales funnel!

How To Build A Targeted Email List for Free Through Instagram
How To Build A Targeted Email List for Free Through Instagram: A Digital Marketing Expose

How do we do this?

We gather our email lists from Instagram by searching through the relevant hashtags. For example, if you are selling a fitness program looking for leads, you can type in the hashtag fitness in the explore tab that will bring you millions of photos of relevant prospects who have indicated that they are your target audience.

Then, you go to their profile and check if they had put their email in their Bio, copy and store that in an excel sheet.

Rinse and repeat the process and BOOM, you have an email list of targeted and relevant prospects.

Hire a Virtual Assistant on TOA to do it if you don’t have the time to sift through Instagram but you can easily build a list this way for free.

My team has automated this process by building our own software and we now gather thousands of emails per day this way for our clients.

This works for any niche, as long as the hashtag exists on Instagram, we can pull their emails 😉

Happy to answer any questions anyone might have on this.

I am Ore Afolayan. I think I have spoken.

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