Do you know how to build effective Landing Pages?

This post is for any digital marketing agency, expert, marketer or coach/consultant who wants to use a landing page to book appointments.

Landing pages
Landing pages

Here is the Psychology Behind an excelling Digital Marketing Funnel;

Above the Fold – This should tell visitors why they should scroll down the page.

Use a headline to grab their attention, give a short description, and then add a call to action button for visitors who are ready to take action.

Authority – Sharing logos of well known companies in the niche that psychological build authority and give the visitor a reason to listen to you.

These can be companies you work with or even the logos of companies whose products you use to deliver your service, like Facebook if you help with Facebook Ads/Marketing.

Calling Out the Problem – This appeals to the emotional buyer. Callout the problem and agitate their pain to motivate potential customers or clients to take action.

Introducing the New Opportunity – This is the unique solution to the problem you solve.

The thing that they’ve never heard of or is the missing key to solving their pains.

Likeable Authority Section or Hero Section – This is where you talk about yourself and empathize with the visitor.

Sharing Results – Self explanatory. People want to see that you can actually deliver the results you say you can.

Especially in the world we live in where marketers are constantly making promises they don’t keep.

Introduce the New Vehicle – This is how you are actually getting people results. What is the offer itself.

Sharing the Process – This is appeals to the logical buyer who is asking “how do I get started”.

Urgency & Scarcity – One of 6 psychological principles of persuasion.

This is essentially why a visitor should take action now.

This is your last chance to convert visitors on your site.

Hope that helped 🙂


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