Do you know how to convert your Facebook Profile to a Lead Gen Machine? Don’t worry. I will show you how.

Last week I booked in 6 sales calls in a single day along with having multiple new paying clients and sales for my info products; passively, organically, all of which came from my personal Facebook Profile 🤑

The best part is this: They all came to me!

Facebook Profile
Facebook Profile

For those that are not getting any leads from Facebook yet, this will benefit you greatly.

For those that aren’t taking calls right now, stay tuned.

Grab a writing pad & a pen, sit back, buckle your seat belt as you’ll have a flying start ✈️

Optimize your Cover Photo

Click here to hire a professional designer to cook you a cover photo that pops and generates curiosity 👨🏼‍🍳

Make sure it includes an image of you, who you help and what you help them with, social proof and a fake button with a CTA such as “Click Here!”

When they click the cover, your description will pop up and there will be your link for them to book in a call.

State who you help and what you help them within your Bio.

It’s called a Value Statement.
For example, mine is “I equip young people with skills then connect them to organizations to help them have positive business outcomes”

Add more info about yourself to your Bio.

What school you attended, where you live, your occupation and more! This way you seem real 🤪

Place the link to your call in your bio.

I know… such a basic tip, but you’ll be surprised how many coaches / mentors don’t do this and complain that nobody books a call with them.

Optimize your Featured Photo.

Again, click here to hire the professional who did your cover photo to cook a stunning featured photo. Make sure it has a CTA that leads them to your call.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

Make your page look like a canvas of value. In the beginning, stay away from the “Comment this word below for the link to my product” and just slap your audience with value 👋🏻

I’ve tried the whole pitch, pitch thing and it doesn’t work.

Engage with others

Don’t give, don’t get. Simple! When you engage with your audience they engage with you. When they engage with you they see your value. When they see your value they either click your cover or featured photo and book a call or reach out to you and you can lead them to it yourself.

Dead simple, right?

These are my tips and I hope they serve you well!

Now, go get those leads!

Go close those clients!

And crush the rest of this week! 🔥


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