Step 1: Ask yourself, what would you pay N1,000,000 for? (if you had to hire someone to solve the BIGGEST problem you are facing right now today, what would they have to do for you to justify paying them N1,000,000)?

Step 2: Write down EXACTLY what that person would have to do (bullet point every step, every metric, every milestone that they would have to achieve to put a big smile on your face).

Create a checklist of tasks from A-Z that would be worth you paying N1m to someone else to make your problem go away TODAY!

Step 3: Create a SINGLE LANDING PAGE that highlights and explains your offer (only do this after you are 100% sold that YOU yourself would pay N1,000,000 for this). DO NOT MENTION THE PRICE OF THE OFFER!

Step 4: Now that you’ve written out the entire offer, record a 5-10 minute “cliff note” video clip of you explaining the offer and send it to as many friends and family members as you can. YOU ARE NOT TRYING TO SELL THEM, YOU ARE ASKING FOR FEEDBACK. DO NOT MENTION THE PRICE, THEY DO NOT NEED TO KNOW!

Step 5: Once your family and friends are blown away by the offer, it’s now time to take it public (if they are confused and don’t see the value, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board to strengthen your offer). REMEMBER, IF THEY AREN’T SOLD WITHOUT KNOWING THE PRICE, YOU STAND ZERO CHANCE SELLING IT TO THE PUBLIC FOR A FEE!!

Step 6: Launch the landing page with your sales video in it along with a link to book an appointment… DO NOT MENTION THE PRICE IN ANY OF YOUR MARKETING… THE FIRST TIME IT SHOULD EVER COME UP IS WHEN YOU ARE ON THE PHONE WITH A PROSPECT!!

Step 7: During your phone call appointment find out where they are struggling… what hurts? How desperate are they to solve their problems today?

LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! Be a therapist, NOT A SALESMAN! Let them open up to you and give them time to gain your trust.

Step 8: Once they’ve admitted their pain (NO PAIN, NO GAIN), it’s time to offer to HELP THEM at which point you present the offer… WITHOUT MENTIONING THE PRICE!

Step 9: Once you have presented them with every last detail of the offer, and you’ve clearly demonstrated exactly how you plan on helping them, it’s now time to ask them if they’d like your help. Once they reply with a resounding YES, you SHUT UP AND SAY NOTHING!! Don’t’ say a word until they ask you how much! Once they ask, they are now buying and you are NOT selling. Deals are closed when people buy, NOT when they are sold to.

Step 10: No, you don’t just come right out with the N1m fee… you “stack the close” first. This means, that you breakdown what you’re going to do for them while listing out the cost for each item, task, metric, etc… When the total cost comes to MORE than N1m (which it will because of how amazing your offer is), you ask them if this is within their budget. When they say “NO” (which they will because no one ever wants to pay asking price), you offer to drop the fee down to N1m! This ONLY works if the client finds serious value in what you’re offering and is already 100% sold that YOU can help!

Now that you’ve banked N1m, go do it TEN MORE TIMES… and that’s how you make N10m quickly!

Notice how throughout this entire process, we didn’t even focus on a sales funnel… but instead, we focused on the OFFER!


Too many people get caught up on what a sales funnel should look like that they forget how to craft a simple offer that MILLIONS are already desperate for.

If the offer is truly worth N1m, then go sell them a N1m product!!

The art of closing N1m deals is in the offer… the sales funnel is just the vehicle that helps you deliver that offer!

Good luck!

I am Ore Afolayan. I think I have spoken.

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