Today, I will teach you how to generate quality leads from Facebook Ads, instead of leads that will not convert. This tip is one of the biggest audience mistakes that makes your Facebook Ads expensive 😭.

Today, you will learn how to reduce your Ads cost while still getting quality leads from your Advertising campaign.

I was looking at our campaigns the other day and saw a simple tweak that we do that helps keep our audiences from drying out & WHY this simple tweak works.

The tweak?


And to be honest with you, most marketers make the mistake of NOT running exclusions 🤮.

Exclusions are not widely talked about so I want to share with you WHY they improve your campaigns SO much:

When running ads to cold traffic, sometimes there are a group of people in your audience that have already engaged with your ads, visited your website, engaged with your page etc…

If you don’t set up exclusions inside of your audience, Facebook’s algorithm is going to go after those warm people first (it’s cheaper) 🤑
The algorithm is going to pick that low hanging fruit instead of optimizing and digging deeper.

This leaves you with garbage traffic and no sales 💀

So, I’m going to show you how we use exclusions.

Exclusion 1:

ALL website visitors in last 180 days

Exclusion 2:

ALL Page engagers last 180 days

That’s IT!
Super simple post today but you’d be surprised to see how many people aren’t doing this.

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