Recently, I did a research in the market of a client and wrote a press release about it with a backlink to the website, to a page about the research of course. Got about a 150 articles and backlinks on newssites (regional and nationwide). Even an item on the morning news and some regional radio shows. Just make sure it has a lot of news value, and do it during the summer time, when there’s not a lot going on.

There’s some misconception here about nofollow links being worthless….

NOFOLLOW links pass link juice. 

The point if a nofollow link is the webmaster telling Google they can’t vouch for a website at the other end of the link, not to tell Google it shouldn’t be reward the site for having it.

The problem with nofollow links isn’t the nofollow tag, it’s the type of sites that people abuse to build links such a blog replies and forum spam, which are generally nofollow.

However a nofollow link from an authoritative website such a Forbes or WSJ is gold dust.

Do follow sites for social media

Pay the Editor

Press releases submissions.

HARO has a blog with comments They tweet out questions / seeking input from sources and we match those tweets up with your filter settings. This is natural behavior journalists have already been using, we’re just adding a filtering mechanism on top of it. We also have several features in the works.  You don’t need to login. Once you create your settings the daily emails start sending.

The idea is that when you reply to a journalists request via Twitter they can more easily check your credibility using things in your profile.

Publish a study on a topic that you know a reporter is interested in; push it to direct contacts at target sites. Example, not my work:…/one-wedding-ceremony-and-12… Anchor text “a recent study by the knot”

Find the editorial interns on LinkedIn and pay them

its pretty slick strategy. getting dofollow, keyword in URL, control of the H1, full NAP and map embed. have about 8-10 sources in every city in the country.

If you actually have something news worthy it’s quite easy to get stories done. Find the journalist contacts that fit your niche and pitch them.

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