How to populate your PIXEL like a PRO!

This strategy is a little offbeat and works with audience on a desktop/laptop computer but at scale, works like MAGIC!

We all know those annoying pop-ups and pop-downs right?

There are many services where we can buy those pop-ups and target our desired audience. Here I am going to talk about a service called Propelmedia which I am using.

Let’s break it down:

With propelmedia, we can target people by the:

keywords they are searching.

Pages they visit.

Influencers they follow.

Products/services they buy (Competitors Thank You Pages).

And much more ….

Now we can deliver our pop-ups on the desired webpages etc they visit and upon clicking the pop-up (Or trying to get rid of those) our lander opens up.

We can place our Facebook pixel on our lander and use it to create a custom audience and re-target on Facebook.

Imagine: You are selling shoes and you can target people who just bought a shoe from your competitors website.

You sell info-products and you can target someone who just bought a complementary course …..

The possibilities are endless.

NOTE: These are HIGH INTENT Audience as they are visiting certain pages, thank you pages, searching for a specific keyword and so on and so forth …

These pop-ups are very very cheap like a few cents or less a click. So with a very small media buying, we can create a huge list of high intent custom audience to re-target on Facebook & Instagram!

PRO TIP: You can leave your lander blank with no branding, no text etc with just the pixel behind the wall. That way your lander loads up real fast and when your audience see your Ad on FB & IG, they cannot relate it with that annoying pop-up they just closed 🙃

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