Do you know how to position your brand on social media platforms? You are about to learn how to position your brand on social media, happy?

The social media world is expected to thrive magnanimously, brands have also taken use of the media space to appeal to their offline presence of their teeming online fans. Now, the tide is gradually shifting to make a level ground, entrepreneurship is being with driving force being the internet. So, can how you position your brand on your choice social media platforms? Continuing reading….

How to position your brand online: A social expose

To engage in today’s digitally connected word is a very challenging exercise and that won’t be changing any time soon. Many lessons learned during the time of Faxes are totally irrelevant in this information age. They have become obsolete. Now, we sell our products on social media platforms and connect with people locally and globally. It’s truly fantastic, but one of the greatest difficulties entrepreneurs face is to create social media placement to help them with the image of their company.

If you are a movie person like me, and probably a fan of action movies, you are probably familiar with a scene where a bomb expert is trying to disarm a bomb and there are cables of many colors; a blue one, a green one, and a red one, and you need to cut off one for bomb to be disarmed. This quite vividly illustrates the situation of many brands as regards the internet.

So, a good strategy is the same as defusing a bomb; everyone is happy with the eventual outcome and celebrates a victory. But if the social media position is not ideal, this equals to an explosion and your brand becomes the main victim.

As you work assiduously in creating your content for social media, be extremely careful to not lose sight of your brand message. As social media tends to be a more casual place to get our message out there in this digital world, it is more important than ever for you to be consistent. Let people know what you do. Do not confuse your audience, and be socially concise, honest, and respect opinions. What does your brand represent? How do you treat your clients? Do you deliver timely? For our purposes, connect your personal branding to your social network, most of us are really branding ourselves, as well as our business. You are your brand, and social media network is a circle you either want to market or leverage on. It will always guide you in any thing you do in life.

Digital space gives us the opportunity to deliver our content in several ways. There are the standard info-graphics & images, audio, video and text posts. It’s a good idea to use method(s) that appeal to your audience.

Content creation is simply an organized approach towards creating what people consume on the internet. It helps position your brand on social platforms. Every single thing we consume on the internet is a piece of content. Also, anything that exists on the internet is a content. Even this write-up you are reading is a content. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating and delivering your content through social media:

  1. Identify your Platform

You really don’t need to have accounts on all the networks. Yes, you don’t! Many entrepreneurs are always eager to register their brands on all social networks and that is a gross mistake. Once you have accounts on all social media platforms, be ready to always publish content that will make your audience stay glued to you. Meanwhile, In the real sense of it, many often open accounts for opening sake. They don’t publish content. Nothing!

Managing social media networks is a very tasking job, even when you already hired the services of social media managers. What if paying them to handle your accounts doesn’t in turn impact your business positively and as well expand your brand coverage? Lol! So, it’s better to maintain a digital presence in a few social networks so you can manage them properly instead of managing several accounts poorly.

Identify the platform that sells your brand best. Social or Search? There are two basic routes through which people follow to interact on the internet. They either do this via search (google search engine) or by Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

However, for every piece of content you want to create, you need to have known how your audience consume this kind content?

For example: When people are looking for information, they go to google to search and find. Howbeit, they want a product, they most likely go to Instagram or Facebook and visit the account of that product.

So, if your content is basically just an information, use Google search as your platform by writing blogs, creating YouTube videos, writing on Medium, writing on Quora, Etc.

But if it’s an already made product set for consumption, use social media to put up posts about it.

2.         Identify your Audience.

For any content to be well received, the kind or type of audience receiving it must be well researched.

In carrying out your audience research you want to know the following:

Age Group: The age of your audience matters so much. It is pertinent in having your brand well positioned on social media platforms. Are your audience elderly people, are they young adults, are they teenagers, are they kids?

Knowing this would help you decide on your choice of tone when choosing words to use to speak to them. It’s not the same way you address an elderly person that you use to address a teenager. You’ll most probably need to sound very respectful to one and playful to another.

Pain Points: Pain point are the deepest needs of your audience. For example, the pain point of a local man who just moved to abroad is tips on places to get local food. The pain point of a pregnant woman is tips on how to eat healthy and prepare for childbirth. The pain point of any student is how to pass exams. Every business person wants to make more money. Now you want to ensure that you are creating contents that provide solutions to those pain points after you’ve discovered them. You dig? When you create a content that answers all the questions about your audience pain points. They wouldn’t even have a choice but to consume your content. Like it’s no longer negotiable, you just saved their ass!!!!!

Location: This is also very important. Because it helps you know more about the language of that audience. So that there wouldn’t be any language barrier.

Gender: This is also very important to identify. There are gender sensitive contents. For example, the topic of football resonates more with the make folk than the female. The way skin care does more with the ladies. Right?

Triggers: These are like things you put in place to help or nudge your audience to consume your content. For example, you tell your followers that if they visit your blog or follow your account, you will give them money or you tell students that if they visit your blog or follow you, you will keep them abreast of free scholarships. So, now a trigger is just a taste of your solution to their pain point. It should just get their attention

3.         Identify your Content Type

Content exits in four basic forms.





It exists in texts as captions, titles, blogposts, emails, etc. In Audio as podcasts or Voice Notes, In Image as pictures, Graphic Designs, Logo, Flyers etc., whilst in video as short films, documentaries, commercials, etc.

Each has their purpose and what they are best suit for.

Use text when you are communicating to a very elite audience that can read and write. Use image to an audience that can be visually compelled. Example is your Instagram and Pinterest audience. Use videos for your audience that likes to see how that product works or when you need to teach them how to use a product. Use Audio for your audience that is busy all day. Like 9-5 workers or those would be stuck in traffic while returning from work.

Hope you are seeing the different contexts to use them?

You see, magic is when a well-researched content hits the right audience and position your brand rightly on social media. Never forget that.

The Internet or social media offers many opportunities for those who know the intricacies of digital arena. If you still don’t know how to position your brand online, be careful. Your business could be missing out on an optimal opportunity.

Don’t miss out!!!!!!!!!!!!

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