Today, I’m starting a series in this group.
This series is going to be daily, and will walk
through all the steps you need to take to start an
“infopreneur” business.
This is what I do for a living: I show people how to
launch and grow profitable online enterprises as
An “infopreneur” is an author, speaker, coach,
course creator, consultant, blogger, podcaster,
etc: someone who leverages their life experience,
knowledge and passion to create/sell information
products and services, like ebooks, courses,
coaching packages, etc.
If you want to start a business like this but don’t
know where to start or how to get going, this
series is for you!

Step 1: Choose a niche.
My favorite analogy for niches is dating sites.
There are 7+ billion people in this world, and we
all have different tastes when it comes to dating.
Could one site really cover them all? No.
That’s why there are “niche dating sites”. Maybe
you’ve heard the term before.
Think: vampire dating, farmers only, and things
like that!
They are sites which cater to a common thing
among all the members: they’re all vampires,
they’re all farmers.

Another way to think of niche is: what subset of
people will you serve?
► Parents
► Travelers
► Chiropractors
► Local Political Candidates
► Single Dads
This is a good place to start, but here’s the thing
about choosing a niche: it’s not really about
demographics (like women or men or people over
50 or under 20).
It’s about finding the common problem they all
So, all the vampires that are on a vampire dating
site have a problem which is that they want to find
a vampire mate.
► Parents struggling with rebellious teens
►Travelers who have never been abroad before
► Chiropractors who don’t know how to get clients
► Local Political Candidates who have never run
for office before
► Single Dads who don’t know how to take care of
their little girls’ hair
When trying to choose a niche, you will of course
have to consider your own skill set.
This is where your own life experience comes into
play. What do you know about that you could
teach others?
If you’ve never run for office before, maybe
helping local political candidates isn’t the right
choice. But maybe it is if you are a FB ads expert
who could help confused local candidates in these
trying times where political ads online are under

It will help you to do a “skills inventory” of your
life to see what you really do know!
► What jobs have you had?
► What volunteer work have you done?
► What hobbies do you engage in?
► What degrees / certifications do you have?
If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start,
consider these two things:

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