Although there are a lot of requests in the emails you get from HARO but don’t submit answers to the ones that are going to be published in high DA, famous sites. 

It sounds counterintuitive but a reporter writing for Forbes will receive 50 answers in 2 days. So you have lower chances of being selected. Answer to sites that have a lower DA or requests that are anonymously. You will have higher chances of getting a link. 

Always answer the query accordingly. If the question asks how to lose weight with the keto diet don’t answer by saying that keto is unhealthy and won’t help at weight loss. That answer won’t get published. 

Also, don’t write answers that are too self-promotional. Don’t include affiliate links. Don’t email just to introduce a client. There are others that send the answers to the queries directly so they will be selected first. And don’t copy the answers from your client’s site or other articles. Reporters use copyscape and don’t include content that has already been published

There’s been a lot of queries on some days for answers in my fields of expertise. 
▶️ I try to answer promptly.
▶️ 150-200 words.
▶️ Occasionally I provide accompanying images if helpful.
▶️ I keep a Google doc and sheet with all of my answers.
▶️ Sometimes once your answer is accepted, the site starts emailing directly for responses.

I have been using it for about a month. I submitted 3 suggestions for my niche and did not get picked up. The 3 emails a day gets tiresome but if you can land one, it would be worth it!2Hide or report this

  •  I used it once a long time ago for my old boss’ manufacturing plant In China.Hide or report this
  • I am in the wedding industry. So, I get lifestyle inquiries. Then, I search each HARO email I get for wedding. If nothing found, I delete the email. This is the only way I find sanity in 3 emails a day.Hide or report this
  • Justin Mitchell His was successfully submitted, but I wasn’t sure if it got results because I never tracked it.

    Glad to know its a useful tool. I forgot about it until today and wondered if it was good for that

I got one quality placement through HARO (HuffPost) and made a few interesting connections w reporters who didn’t end up using my submissions. But I’m also now on a “losing streak” of 15 straight pitches not picked up. Responding super quickly w quotes that are readymade to slot into a story seems like the best approach

 I do use Haro, it’s a great way to get backlinks if you have expertise on a topic. I’ve been featured on articles a couple of times, and I always ask to have a follow backlink if my quote is chosen (they don’t always do it, but most of the time they do)

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