How to Use Instagram for Business is a common question I’m often asked by many small and medium scale entrepreneurs.

Instagram Marketing for SMEs is integral in the 21st Century.

Via this article, I will show you how to to use Instagram for Business.

Grab a popcorn; let’s get started.


-Look at the content successful people in your niche are posting

-Make your content based on that, not copying, take this example:
You notice that most of the people in your niche are posting videos teaching marketing, cool images of lambos with nice quotes, so you start to notice that what works in your niche is video lessons and motivational stuff

-Now that you know what is already working, simply add your own twist, if you`re not a video guy then post images, if you don`t like quotes, then post another type of motivational stuff.

-Make good descriptions
With this, you will end up with unique content that`s proven to work.

-Add a CTA in every post, that could be a “Follow ___ for more ___” or simply your IG name at the end of every video or bottom of the image

-Search for the 27 best hashtags in your niche, use 6 in the description and 21 in the first comment

how do you find the 27 best hashtags in your niche?

You can use Instagram hashtag search tool and type in some keywords related to your content and see the most popular ones (Instagram shows the number of posts per hashtag)

How to Use Instagram for Business

Or get some help using this :

-Trade shout-outs with accounts that have similar number of followers (equal or a bit more, never less)

-Buy story ads, they`re dirt cheap and work wonders

Add good quality influencers to that, and engaging in the hashtags a bit before and after you post plus replying to comments immediately in the first hour. Everything pales in comparison to using a good influencer though, but still need to have a good feed and engage with stories.

It builds trust with audience, makes them want to comment on the other posts and it causes some “engagement momentum”, by that I mean it attracts more eyes to the content because those eyes are noticing all the attention in the comment section…. Nothing attracts a crowd, like a crowd.

You may also decide to run an automated webinar selling your product and on the thank you page give them a step to follow you on your social media page of choice.

You kill 3 birds in one stone… Lead with selling, build a list, grow social.

Hope it helps.

This is the base of what I do, it works!

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