4 days ago, I was playing Temple Run. 😛

Actually, I seldom play video games, but I was too bored hence installed and started playing.

At first attempt, I scored something 28,000 points. I told my friend, see I scored 28k.

She said; “Bro my high score is 400,000.”


Yesterday, I scored 675,000 and finally, I uninstalled the game realizing enough time pass now. 😅

What I realized, as I played 50-60 games in the last 4 days, I got better in it. From 28,000 to 400,000, 675,000 and then highest score.

Lessons From Temple Run for Your Digital Marketing
Lessons From Temple Run for Your Digital Marketing

This may be the silliest example you have ever read, but it really makes sense.

Allow me to explain –

✅ If you are an SEO beginner. Initially, you may fail to rank the website, but after working on the first 5 websites, you will be better at it.

✅ If you’re a PPC beginner, initially you may fail to win the bid, but gradually you will be better at it.

✅ If you’re a newbie content writer, your first few articles may not be so good, but 48th would be a killer one.

This is not limited to Digital Marketing, take any skill and just work on it like you play the game as simple it is!

If you don’t like the game example, still what I am telling here is a truth, because I have personally experienced as long as my skills are concerned.

So don’t worry.

Just pick one skill or maybe two and play with it until you beat your previous highest score. 😊

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    I love this piece and it’s content, most especially the message it achieved in passing across.. Consistency is definitely the key