Of African brands and Brand Management: Samsung, a case study. Earlier this year, popular cable television, CNN crowned Samsung as Africa’s most admired brand.

Then, I ask; what recognizable and reputable business traits did the Korean Multinational coy exhibit, to beat local and other brands in the race to Number spot.

How has Samsung been able to deliver something that Africa and Africans love?

Well, Samsung as well as many leading brands today, placed great emphasis on Brand Management.
What then is Brand Management?
First, what are brands?
Brands are simply letterings, words, designs, colours, symbols, shapes or the combination of these, used in getting consumer’s attention, convey a personality and also to differentiate from competitors. It is also the perception that a consumer has when they hear or think of a company name, service or product.

According to Gigi DeVault, Brand Management is the term used for all the facets of design placement, marketing, advertising and distribution that foster a identifying and developing Brand personality.
Though established as a function of Marketing, Brand Management focuses on the brand and how the brand can positively appeal to customers.
Through Brand Management, Samsung has expanded its huge supply chain reach into Africa and has a pact with the Ethiopian government to develop new assembly facilities, assembling laptops, printers etc in the East African country.
Samsung, through an effective Brand Management also sponsors the Smart Government conference in Africa, and has trained and graduated engineering students with an opportunity to intern for a period of twelve months in Korea.

CNN tech editor Samantha with a Samsung Galaxy Z
CNN tech editor Samantha with a Samsung Galaxy Z

The education program was embarked upon because Samsung had a projection in 2015 that it would quintuple revenues from Africa to $10billion, which equalled Samsung’s China revenues.
Thanks to Brand Management, Samsung also has a domineering footprint outside the world of technology as it already has large oil-related operations fully running in Nigeria.

Ore Afolayan

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